Grateful for Something

Wed 25 Nov, 2015 08:44 am
For Americans, tomorrow is the start of the food and spending extravaganza that we all know as the holiday season.

RP and I will be hitting the road. I made bread with rosemary and pepper (they fight crime!) and we will be good guests and probably do more cleanup than cookery. I also have final papers to polish (they're written, but could stand some editing) and more fiction writing for my NaNoWriMo project for this year (that one definitely needs editing). A2K will not go unloved nor will it go undefended. I'm bringing the tablet computer with me. No worries.

The world can feel overwhelming, and it can be sometimes all too much. It can feel like it's all passing us by at the speed of light when we're all plodding along at 5 MPH or so if we're lucky.

And so I offer you my own gratitude, and hope you'll toss your own out here.

I'm grateful for friends and family.

I'm grateful it wasn't cancer.

I'm grateful for opportunities.

I'm grateful for creativity and the means to express it.

I'm grateful for an education.

I'm grateful for finally knowing WTF I want to do with my life. It only took 53 years.

I'm grateful for you, your fun insights, your squabbles, your silliness, your seriousness, your wisdom, your errors, your insanity, your compassion, your oversharing - all of your untidy and often inexplicable humanness.

Thank you.

And before I go, a pre-Thanksgiving song from the immortal Phil Ochs.
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Wed 25 Nov, 2015 10:20 am
I'm posting now just to say I'm thinking on it, there's so much.
Back later.
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Wed 25 Nov, 2015 11:03 am
I'm grateful for the MST3K Turkey Day 2015 marathon.
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Wed 25 Nov, 2015 07:19 pm
I've put off answering, but I do need to stand up. I have many situations I am grateful about, people I love.
It is likely some of my notations will have emotion.

But, while wallowing in 'why answer', I got a grip. I'll start, only a start as I don't have the patience to go on at length.

I'll start with Krista. She called from LA today, long conversation. I've talked about her here, rather vaguely on purpose, re privacy. She was born in war, let her say.

Wed 25 Nov, 2015 07:41 pm
Krista and her family were emigrants.
Don't get me started.

I have much more to say re Jespah's query.
Thu 26 Nov, 2015 04:20 am
Thanks for sharing - I think there's a lot of lip service paid to gratitude. Thanksgiving comes dressed in sensible browns and buckled shoes and gives way to flashier holidays. But it's nonreligious Thanksgiving that I think can speak to a lot more people, and better (even if you're vegan).
Thu 26 Nov, 2015 03:53 pm
I see I was all emotional on my posts yesterday. The friend had just recently called, and some of the talk got to me - she had not many days before had a big deal heart surgery after a huge tachycardia situation. This is a lesson not to post in a heartfelt mode when your - er, my - face is still wet with tears that she came out of it ok.

So, back to the question, grateful for what something?

friends, long time ones and some I've not known all that long, some of those on a2k. Am grateful for Robert starting a2k and Jespah working with him all this time.

my parents, now long passed, but still in my head, me with them in memory

my parents interests, including driving trips to see family across the US and once to Canada, but also all the seeing of the beautiful land that involved

I'm grateful I got to go to a non-tuition university. As it was, I worked a lot of hours a week at a hospital anyway, but owing whole scads of money for loans, impossible back then for me.

I'm grateful for a lot of my teachers back then, and grateful for the ones when I went back to school in my forties. A number of those later teachers became friends and colleagues and they opened my eyes to a whole new world of landscape and city scape. Walking down a city street or country road was never the same, my eyes saw so much more, which led to a lot more reading and so on.

I'm grateful my parents interests included politics. One was a staunch Republican of the old sort (Taft anyone?) and the other staunch Democrat, the first person I knew or read that was against our presence in Vietnam. In a way, grammar school geography classes and my parents being interested in politics in their quiet ways opened a gate for me to be interested in the rest of the world and how it looks and works.

They and the early teachers didn't teach me to argue though and together they were often silent, stressed individually. I didn't get to see people disagreeing all the time, in sane ways or rabid ways, until I got to university. So........ I'm glad for that breakthrough for itself. Waking up to being able to think my way around various subjects, not just regurgitate print got to be useful.

Oh, and I want to thank Mrs. Radcliffe, who taught a bunch of us about beginning cooking in Girl Scouts. Turned out I liked it..
especially making popovers, which, oddly, I haven't done since.
Thu 26 Nov, 2015 05:07 pm
Thank you, Mrs. Radcliffe!

And thank you to my first-ever writing teacher, Kitty Lindsay. Guess what? Wink
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