Have you experienced homelessness?

Reply Fri 25 Jan, 2019 06:50 pm
Tell them about help from religious or charity groups or locally travelling shelters. Also, tell them to call for rides to these so no accidents form walking near cars, like call aqquantences kr family (tell them to call them for help no matter where they are, so they help) maybe 911 or loft or things though 911 calls not for emergencies might be illegal. Also tell them about jobs from companies that give to anyone or jobs hat anyone can fill. Tell them about kind hearted companies and tell them about companies that have helped before anywheee , even if they’d re not charities to see if hey will help anywhere. Look this up if these exist near you and can be used before u drive so no accidents. Tell them this give them non money gifts like essentials and food. Thx for reading and my prayers are with the homeless and u
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Reply Sat 22 Jun, 2019 12:22 am
I had been homeless for 12 years on and off from 1991 to about 2003.

And I used many libraries over those years, but I tried not to take advantage and sleep there or just make a spectacle of myself, I was actually there to get warm etc, but also there to read! Very Happy

Let's see now, I used to go to a very small neighborhood library in West Covina Ca, during the day I pretty much had it to myself.

I left Cali and landed in Seattle and used to spend a few rainy days in the downtown library there, I was trying to become more literate and started going through 20th century fiction, Steinbeck, Hemingway, Faulkner, Capote, some 19th century like Victor Hugo and Dickens.

One of the greatest resources for homeless people is Google Earth, so the library comes in handy there, you can see a lot of things from the air you might overlook on the ground, very large pieces of land with nothing but trees, right there in the middle of town maybe...

I always tried to keep myself clean and reasonably dressed.

I never carried around all my worldly possessions in a big, overstuffed frame pack, you might as well hang a "kick me" sign on yourself.

Some people are sympathetic towards the homeless, but you can't count on that, better if no one knows.

I used to spend time in the Issaquah Library in Wa, Shoreline, Bellevue...

Then I took a "hobo holiday" to Nashville and played on the streets there, Nashville has a very nice library, limestone block, little garden area, very impressive.

But, they started making a new rule that carried items can't be any longer than... oh, about six inches shorter than the smallest student guitars.

Very obviously trying to exclude the homeless buskers, pretty petty of them in the end.

Hillsboro Tenn. had a pretty nice library, I used to go and tarry there until it was time to go play downtown, then I would walk from Downtown Nashville to Belle Meade Tenn, about five miles down West End Blvd, but I enjoyed myself on those walks, I really did.

I know that the homeless can be a problem, there are mentally ill and just plain winos like that guy who was barfing into the trash can, what can I say, it takes all kinds.

I was from the school of "don't pee in your own well water," I hate to see people living in tent cities right on the sidewalk, some of these "camps" look like someone is setting up a secondhand store.

Some people do that, become homeless hoarders, and I imagine for much the same reason housed hoarders do it: Compensation.

Good topic, good posts for the most part and thank you for asking.

Thx Smile
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Reply Sat 16 Nov, 2019 02:10 pm
Been homeless off and on for maybe 8 years or so. Went from living in a car, to parks, couchsurfing, sex for a place to sleep, motels, abandoned houses, name it. Libraries were places to hit if I wasn't in school and wanted to be out of the weather...unless I was out working to make money.
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