Losing my apartment on Long Island, I'm single mother and going to be homeless

Wed 19 Oct, 2016 03:50 am
I live here on Long Island where the living costs are so beyond the paycheck for the middle class. I grew up here, got married and had a child here. I am losing my apartments and the rent costs have gone up since I last needed to find a place. I am separated from my husband and he doesn't work. He lives with his mom and I am here in a soon to be vacant apartment. He can't be forced to get a job by the courts and social services said they can't help me because section8 has no lists. I've been searching for a place to afford and I can't! I want a one bedroom and Its equal to what I make a month! So I'm pretty much screwed! All the illegal apartments will not accept my child! I work almost 50 hours a week and I can't make ends meet! My job allows me to bring my son with me so it's great on that stand point but I'll be homeless on the street with a job I go to everyday! Nice isn't it! Social services say I make too much what a crock of ****! Is there any mercy or help out there?
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Wed 19 Oct, 2016 05:27 am
Talk to your family if you have any in the area. See if they can help you out with a place, even briefly. Another option (and you're not going to like it, but your back is kinda to the wall here) would be to give primary custody to your ex. Assuming he's not abusive and is at least a halfway decent father, that would at least make it so you could get a roof over your head and hopefully your child would get regular meals, etc.

It would also more or less force him to get off his duff and get a job.
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Wed 19 Oct, 2016 07:03 am
"I live here on Long Island where the living costs are so beyond the paycheck for the middle class.'

If it were me, I would move to a town where life is more affordable.

What kind of work do you do where you can bring a child? Daycare?
Wed 19 Oct, 2016 10:08 am
Some parts of Long Island are more affordable than others, but school districts vary, as do levels of personal safety.
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Wed 19 Oct, 2016 05:26 pm
Thank you for your replies, I've thought of leaving my son with my ex, but I'm just afraid of the repercussions the change may bring like acting out or being angry. I'm just stuck in a very hard spot. Unfortunately, I do not have family here and it's so overwheming to be alone to fend for my son and adding on the loss of a roof over my head. I am a graphic artist I do not make too much money, but I've worked at my job a very long time, they've seen my son grow so they allow him to come and hang out or help with little jobs... I've searched on Craigslist and all the apartments start at close to 2000 for hardly anything. It's hard to believe there's nothing done to control rental costs here. The not so great areas is just as much. My son goes to a really good school and his dad lives in that district so that's a plus.
Wed 19 Oct, 2016 06:03 pm
I feel for you, understand. I suppose you have tried various social services, far as you can find them. Some church folks can be a help, I think, at least for advice giving. I had a small bit of help from a local catholic church now some years ago, when I had a massive water leak (this whole neighborhood has had plumbing problems; there was a lawsuit before I moved here, but I was too late to get into it) - and I'm not religious. They didn't care, they just wanted to help people with troubles, and gave me lists of places to call. The red cross helped re the plumbing situation back then, but they cut out doing home repair of that sort a few years later. Anyway, nose around.. the city or county may have help lists.
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Thu 24 Jan, 2019 05:25 pm
Try to giverment or local government welfare or aid programs, and find religious or charities aid. Maybe go to a religious shelter or join a local one that moves locally, so you will always be provided for. I’m praying for you
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