If you had to choose between atheist or theist...

Reply Mon 2 Aug, 2021 08:48 am
@The Anointed,
youre mind is set up for thoughtless insult only.

WHY didnt Darrwin know **** all about gnetics???

I commented on Darwin not knowing genetics for a very simple reason. The science wasnt even developed at its nascent level until a catholic Monk named Mendel did some experimenting with what caused bean habits in peas more than 7 years after Darwin even published his first edition. (Darwin never once mentioned Mendel or genetics in any of his 6 editions of "The Origin..."), Einstein stated that his failure to invst time into the very small was one of the failures of hiswork.
I dont claim to know everything as you so dimly stated, its just that, as a slf proclaimed student of science, youve missed several key points of some disciplines (Was it bcause by agreeing with them youd have to admit all the faults in your beloved story book?
Its more like reding the newspapers, we larn from history and journalism, (unless we decide to deny). we , as newton said, also learn by sitting on the shoulders of real giants
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