Car Accident

Reply Thu 22 Oct, 2015 10:11 am
Hello from WI.

Intersection accident.....A car left the stop sign area in a hurry and crossed
the path of a car coming down the road.( not speeding, but moving along quickly)

She had 2 tickets on the police report.
She ended up paying one in the courtroom. Failure to yield the stop sign (possible 2 tickets were on the
police report.)

The lady who did not have a stop sign, saw the lady coming, hit the brakes
and ended up hitting the car crossing the road, anyways.

She was not at fault, because she received o tickets, according to the sheriff
dept. There was no drinking, cellphones being used in the accident.
There were no lawsuits filed.

The lady, who paid the failure to yield citation, went to her insurance co.,
and made the correction, to remove the other ticket.
So did one office of the sheriff's dept. This may have been done, after the
lady who was not at fault was paid for her car damages by the lady who
was at fault's insurance co.

A year after the car accident, the lady who was not at fault, went under
some investigation ( computer investigation, being followed,watched)

Who would have the right start this investigation, against the lady who was
not at fault ? ( this is me)

Could this possibly a lawsuit started by the lady who crossed the intersection... claiming her one ticket to
prove negliance against the lady who was not at fault.. by her lawyer ?

This still going on, 5 years later and nothing has been filed against me, on the ccap website under my name.......no lawsuit.

Thank you for any ideas that you may have

Reply Thu 22 Oct, 2015 10:37 am
Look up the Statute of Limitations for auto accidents in your state. It's usually around 3 years but make sure to check. 5 years out, you probably have nothing to worry about, but be sure to check. You might want to hire a lawyer for just this purpose. It's not the sort of thing that will take any longer than about an hour, but it'll be for your own peace of mind and you'll have someone to sue for malpractice in the highly unlikely event that they give you the wrong information.
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