Reply Sat 17 Oct, 2015 10:44 pm
Neighbour next door and their in law house down the street are planning to sue us for money. The police never issue any warnings/letters about noise complaint to my uncle directly so, he was genuinely unaware that he could get into trouble and continue to use that device on his car on a daily basis when getting out of the driveway. It activates only when the vechile reverses. His intention were good and bought it for safety reason. You can buy it on ebay or Canadian Tire. He never knew he could get fine over it anonymous. Im afraid we may lose our home over it and get arrested for I dont know how long. I believe my neighbour they want to take possesion of his house. Need advice on how to financially secure our assets.
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Reply Sun 18 Oct, 2015 06:04 am
I don't think you can't be sued for violating a noise ordinance with a backup alarm. The best they can do it call the police on you and it doesn't even sound like they have done that.
Reply Sun 18 Oct, 2015 06:58 am
Contact a lawyer and ask to be represented in a nuisance lawsuit (use that term; it is a term of art).
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Reply Sun 18 Oct, 2015 07:54 am
We're from Canada, my uncle's back up alarm is kind of different from the typical back up alarm that beeps like an alarm clock. Its kind of sound like an ice cream truck when reversing. Playing instrumental music. But the purpose was intended to be use to inform other vechile when reversing. It has been useful and serve its purpose well helping avoid accidents and people naturally watch out for the vechile/avoid it when it activates. My uncle had the typical beepers before he changed it to this one since the beepers broke due to the rain jamming the batteries. He reverse when a police car was present outside a parking lot area before and they never issue any ticket when they heard it. They just stare and didnt say anything. I read an article, even a pastor got arrested and fined over a church bell. Its scary how people in this world attempt to sue you over anything for money now a days to get rich fast.

Yes, my family has ALWAYS been telling me that we cant get sue over a back up alarm that was intended for safety. So, they told me not to worry about it since they are the grownups and I should only focus on school. I'm afraid people may twist the story and use it against us on how we're intentionally using it to harrass them on a daily basis to get compensation money. It usually activates during the day for a few seconds when backing up from our driveway. They never liked us for installing cctv cameras on our side of the semi-house to prevent vandalism and littering.

I never realize this until recently, I can hear my neighbour talking through the vents threating to sell all of our personal belongings. Im afraid that this back up alarm may cost my family more money and trouble than we intended. I read a article somewhere that a family got investigated for installing a mosquito alarm to repell kids from vandalising their property. Ive noticed a strange vechile parked infront of my home usually at night. They just sit there for a very long time behind tinted windows and flash. We never knew the system works this way. If some authority had inform us sooner, we would stop it immediately. All this time he has been careless on believing the cops would immediately give warnings. My neighbour next door has been laughing behind our backs about the hidden fines that accumulate over time. Now; they changed their WiFi name to "BrightDeer" and "TallEagle",

All I can do now is pray. No one in my family believes me on this matter and do not intend to seek a lawyer for advice since they believe that they arnt doing anything thats illegal. im afraid that they may use this opportunity to sue for emotional distress and lost of property value to sabatoge us financially. We live between them and their in-law family house so, they'll be getting double the rewards. I've gotten really sad over this matter. My mom is ill and they want to get us arrested.
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Reply Sun 18 Oct, 2015 08:06 am
It would be foolish to not consult with an attorney. Lawyers exist to help you defend yourself, even if you feel you did nothing wrong. You do NOT want to be handling this yourself.
Reply Sun 18 Oct, 2015 08:09 am
Has your uncle been warned by the police? has your uncle been sued?

Unless the backup alarm is extraordinarily loud, there really isn't much the neighbours can do legally.
Reply Sun 18 Oct, 2015 09:37 am
Long story short, convincing my family to seek a lawyer has been a real struggle that I've dealing with for a very long time. The more I voice out my concern, they think I'm over thinking or mentally ill from worrying about my neighbour. My neighbour have done some stuff in the past which forced us to install cctv cameras on my uncle's property. They have successfully gotten away with their petty revenge of littering cigarettes, picking fruits from our tree in the backyard, blocking driveway by parking horizontally and there was a time when poop/mud was smeared on the front door when the cctv was off at night (red led light turn off). I feel really frustrated of my uncle personality of letting go and telling me to let it go/ignore them (bad mouthing, mocking, taunt). He never bother reporting or keeping evidence or have the intention to sue them. I really hate his easy going personality of letting people take advantage of him. Letting go and forgiveness is like his life motto.

The cctv did not repell trouble but attract more since my neighbor got paranoid and limit their behaviour/action. We said we were gonna make the cam record audio which lead them to badmouth at us day/night next door in their home. I can overhear it sometime. I'm just a student but the stubbornness of my family members is really making frustrated and affected the motivation on my focusing on school since no one listen or believe me. I know i cant really do much on my own. There's been tension from last summer until January when everything fell apart. On January 21st, my neighbor dash toward the garbag bin and took a picture of it late at night. Why? Because my uncle mixed up recycling and garbage dates. He was also colour blind at night because the navy blue (recycle) and black (garbage) bin look similar at night. He thought it was garage pick up day. Apparently, I found out later viewing from the cctv that you can get fine over it or summon to court for "dumping". My uncle doesn't belive me. Think it's not a problem since the garbage truck just ignore it. To go to such extend shows how much they hate us. I'm really warn out from trying to protect the property from any more damage. My cctv cam can't record 24/7 and I don't know when they will try to attack again. Living beside such people who are desperate enough to bring you down just worn me out.

It really sadden me that my uncle finish paying off his house mortage and have putting his heart into renovation just to watch it get taken away or destroy by them (again) sooner or later. My neighbour kids have been using a basketball to play soccer which hit my uncle car before. At that time, our cctv were like dummy cameras. Whether it was intentional or not they know it better themselves. I've watched a video on YouTube with a similar situation of a kid trying to dent his neighbour's car while his dad comes to the rescue and pretend to be playing with him. There's a park less than 5 minutes away from our home. Lately, I've been receiving mail/ad from christian churches. I believe they know my family current situation better than the rest of my family members know themselves. It's GAME OVER as my neighbour next door proclaim through the adjoining walls.

Believe it or not, I had a dream before about my house burning down by (them) and they took away the ladder as we try to escape through the living windows carrying our piggy banks. Now, it will soon become a reality. In the end I couldn't protect my family or the property from them. I don't know what's worse: losing money or going to jail. Read some articles about someone won 500k+ over barking dogs and a pianist possibly facing 7 years in jail for noise pollution. I will feel sorry of getting my grandpa involve or arrested or eviction. Since I read somewhere they arrest everyone living under the residence over noise Me and my mom are just renting.

My family think they know much but they are really niave. They only know about basic crime like murder, stealing, litter, parking and etc. With this opportunity, my neighbor attitude has gotten really cocky and are not afraid of petty crimes ex: littering or afraid of the cctv. I sometime wish my country has cctv in every street light like in S. Korea which is connected to the police station. It would of greatly saved me time and money of ever rewatching the cctv footage.

If anything ever happens, you guys will surely find out about this case on the news or Google. We live in Toronto~ I can't stand watching them continue be fish on a plate. But I can't do much but pray. I don't know if they have enough money to hire a lawyer. Basically, my uncle dug our own grave.

PERFECT QUOTE: to describe the whole situation,
"No one has power over you unless you give it to them, you are in control of your life & your choices decide your own fate".
My uncle gave them power over us.
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Reply Sun 18 Oct, 2015 09:51 am
No, my uncle never have been warned by the police or recieved any warning letters. My neighbor next door shouted in the washroom,"Eh! If you want some money come and sue me!!". I think they already filed a lawsuit or its pending. They just saod they were going to sue us verbally indoor. Indoor is raging on while outside they look calm and smirk. Months ago they intentionally fake laugh in the washroom when we go to use it for months which I try to ignore them. We live in a semi-house. A lot of misunderstanding occur and their family hate us to the core. My mom is I'll and sometime feels nausea in the washroom while their daughter in law was pregnant. They assume we were like intimatating/mocking. I really hate being self concious in your own home. It feels really unnatural.

It is loud as an ice cream truck. I don't know how much the fine is. But Im thinking it's max 10k since the kid next door keeps jumping and counting to ten humming the sound of the back up alarm. Obvisouly, if we knew money matters were involve or if it's against the law we wouldn't have done it in board daylight like that. It was too easy for them to collect evidence.
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