The Hobbit..PLEASE HELP!!!

Reply Thu 1 Oct, 2015 02:26 pm
so i have a some question about the movie The Hobbit an unexpected journey and i need to answer some question about the movie. but the problem is that i wasen't in school the last few days, so i didt see the movie with my class, and my teacher said to me that i need to see the movie at home, but i dont really have time for that. So i hope that some of you will help me answering these few questions Smile

1) who is bilbo baggins and what is his house called?
2) why aren't the elves helping the dwarfs?
3) how do they escape the elven prison?
4) what are the names of the three trolls?
Reply Sun 4 Oct, 2015 01:43 pm
Look the simplest reply is: See the film, then you won't have to scour the net for answers. These questions really aren't that difficult.
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Reply Sun 4 Oct, 2015 02:07 pm
1. Bilbo Baggins is a knob polisher who lives at Bell End.

2. The Elves feel cheated that they weren't given the best blueberry pie award at the dwarvish bake off.

3. They smuggle a file in Gandalf's ringpiece.

4. Oralloy, Coldjoint and Gungasnake.
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Reply Mon 5 Oct, 2015 02:32 am
hehehehehehehe . . .
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Reply Mon 5 Oct, 2015 05:44 am
Well, if you weren't in school, and therefore didn't see the movie, you have a valid reason for not knowing the answers. You could always tell your teacher that you wouldn't mind watching it at some free hours in school...

You could of course read the book (heaven's forbid!), but that's not an assurance that all of the facts are the same (I wouldn't know, since even though I have read the book, I haven't seen the movie).

But asking people on the forum here to answer your homework questions won't give you any answers. The general policy here is to not offer assistance to any homework or essay relate questions, afaik.
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