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Reply Tue 8 Sep, 2015 07:02 pm

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Reply Wed 9 Sep, 2015 04:03 am

any ideas about the origins of the neutrinos in step 1?

Are these Electricity guys gonna publish any papers in physics journals that are NOT self published?
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Reply Wed 9 Sep, 2015 08:01 am
I'm not gonna judge this one on who has enough neutrinos and there's another problem. Wikipedia is a fabulous resource for any topic under the sun for which no controversy could plausibly exist; for anything else including this topic, Wikipedia is worthless.

But consider this... We are told that the sun is powered by a fusion furnace which arises from the intense crush of gravity at the center of the sun, squishing hydrogen atoms together until they fuse.....

How much gravity do you think there actually is at the center of the sun, in real life??

That's right, at the center of our sun or at the center of any other cosmic body, gravitational forces all completely cancel from every direction. Total gravity at the center of a cosmic body is ZERO.....
Reply Wed 9 Sep, 2015 08:27 am
I was merely presenting the intro concept of proton/proton fusion. (Im sure you knew all that). Icould have easily proposed some isotope chemistry or Baryon fusion (up n down quarks). Trust me, the Wikepedia article is good enough for your level.

Seems like youve got your mind made up without any evidence at all.
There are opposing gravittional lensing in the core mantle zone of the sun. It is here that protons/proton fusion forms helium nuclei and lots of energy. Science can actually measure and conduct thermo /reactant balances and it comes to numbers that correlate to the rqdiant energy expressed by the sun every second (something like 600 million cubic tons/sec).
Ive got no dog in the fight about the "electric universe" story. I dont have my career based on the concept that Im gonna have to find some way to explain away the amount of neutrinos per square cm /sec without invoking a phase 1 base of proton/proton fusion.

keep an open mind about all things , fanaticism is when we get hooked on accepting one story without investigating any of the alternatives
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