Pensions of U.S. Federal Employees

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Here is info on the federal employee retirement plans. As to what any individual's retirement/pension plan is, I have no idea and defer to your ingenuity to find the details.



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At to it being an other person's business, I think that the public policy basis as to why Congress enacted FOIA is that any payment by a government agency is construed as the business of all of the citizens.

I believe that only specifically authorized persons may sit at meetings of the Joint Chiefs.

I believe most if not all of the States have their own laws concerning public disclosure of documents held by them. Municipalities including their police departments are construed as creatures of their respective State and are covered by the subject law. That law would likely have an exclusion for information relating to police undercover work. I could check the law for New York State to see how that aspect is dealt with.

I am not pulling your leg. I will leave it to your own judgment as to whether I am incredibly dense. I believe that I am normal.

I was born in the U.S. to American parents. Roosevelt did not invite them or my grandparents to his meetings with Churchill.

I offer my condolences on the loss of your friends at the Pentagon. I walked home to Brooklyn since we thought that the subway might be bombed.

I am exercising my rights as an American citizens. I believe that a large number of people each year check individual government salaries via Internet searches, FOIA requests, and requests to departments of States.

I have queried a significant number of New York State employees salaries and a number of federal government employees. I have never been disappointed.
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Reply Sun 19 Jul, 2015 12:18 pm

Congress gave the citizens the right to view the expenditures of government because those expenditures are not only the business of the income recipient but that of the taxpayer citizens.

I believe meetings of the Joint Chiefs are restricted by law and not subject to public disclosure to protect public safety. I support that restriction.

I believe most or all of the States have their own public disclosure laws, which includes their respective municipalities. I think such laws include exceptions for certain information (e.g., police undercover work) where its disclosure would harm public safety. I support such exceptions.

I am not pulling your leg and I will let you make your own judgment as to whether I am incredibly dense. I hope you do not think that the members of Congress who voted for FOIA and the citizens who have used it over the years are also incredibly dense.

I was born in the U.S. to U.S. citizen parents. Roosevelt quite properly did not invite my parents or grandparents to meetings with Churchill.

I heard the plane hit the World Trade Center and saw a little from the window in the office where I worked. I believe that I and the Congresspersons who voted to enact FOIA and the many citizens who have used it are exercising our rights as American citizens.
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