Consider the following situation: (My question is too long to be posted here)

Reply Fri 29 May, 2015 08:13 am
Is it fair to all applicants if you were admitted to a prestigious law school partly because the dean endorsed you? Would you pursue your studies in this school?

Consider this:
Let's say you came from a good law school and have good grades. But for some reason, you decided to transfer to an even better school. To be admitted, you need high grades and entrance exam scores . Fortunately, your only problem is how to ace the entrance exam.

Since this school has a very low acceptance rate, you asked the dean (who is somehow connected to you) to consider your application should you pass the entrance exam. If you were admitted to that school, is it advisable to study there even when you were just endorsed by the dean? Is this fair to other students? Would you take the opportunity?

BTW: I'm not from the U.S. In my country, every law school prepares and administers its own aptitude exam.

Reply Fri 29 May, 2015 08:40 am
Take the best opportunities you can get.

Any ethical issues (if there are any, and there aren't, so far as I can tell) are on the dean's head, and not the student's. The dean could have always said no when asked for an endorsement. He didn't.

Go with a clear conscience.
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Reply Sat 30 May, 2015 05:31 am
And how would a Dean "consider" one student's entrance application?
Reply Sat 30 May, 2015 05:36 am
I believe the OP means that the dean put in a good word (and there's likely no record of this, I might add).
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