Glacier Morphology - what's on the picture?

Reply Sun 26 Apr, 2015 09:07 am
I'm a Danish geology student having trouble with glacier morphology.

I have been provided with these screenshots of a height profile centering around a small Danish lake.
Terrain map:
The lake lengthwise:
The lake crosswise:

I think the lake is part of a tunnel valley but I can't say more than that about it.
Can anyone explain it to me?
Reply Sun 26 Apr, 2015 10:38 am
s a hint, th first one is a LIDAR map and its program was probably SLOPESHADE. Its not really topo , its a reconstruction of slopes (darker the shading, steeper the slope)

As far as its nomenclature, not sure its a tuneldahl. I do think youre right because theres a tunellach and the S side of the LIDR map shows a really sharp cut bank as if it were eroded rapidly.
and its floor is sharply cut, (not glacially cut). There are some features on the LIDAR that show glacial features.
I think youre on th right track but Id look at the history pf the section as you can see from the LIDAR and the cuts.

Reply Sun 26 Apr, 2015 11:06 am
Okay, it's a LIDAR map, got that part.

Not sure what a "tunellach" is, and I can only presume "tuneldahl" means "tunnel valley".

I'm glad I'm on the right track though.
Reply Sun 26 Apr, 2015 11:12 am
tunnel lake(lach) and tunneldahl(valley) are the terms used in the AGI glosary (i think). We in the US actually defer to the original names.

A tunnel lake and valley are related by drainge. Can you say anything about the shape of the valley that would tip you off as to its origins??

Look at your X secs.

The LIDAR really tells us a lot, you can see the makeup of the material through which your section lines are drawn. Is this totally a map exercise with no field time? If so, youve got a lot of information and Im not gonna tell you any more. ITS YOUR HOMEWORK
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