Hermit Awakening? Aquarius as well (long read) 2014-2015

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A Fallen angel has founded the Hidden Dragon
Michael locked him away?
Wisdom of a Bronze Age? Sage!?
The Lord Jesus Christ Created Death.
Millennia of Heyzeus (metamemory?)
Greeks that had power of doom.
Conscious was a 4 dimensional Creation?
Existence 3rd dimensional is Kin
If infinity is 5th dimension?
Emotional Energy is like 1st dimension
2nd Dimension is Everywhere (Panpsychism)

^previously thoughts of my imagination.

My very first nightmare I had when I was 5 years old (16 years ago) I was in my bedroom smaller than the carpet with my family, I was telling them to move back because dynamite was being thrown at the house outside by some old women. All of a sudden my nightmare changes like a TV channel And I’m staring at myself sleeping in my bed in my room, I become aware of my surroundings recognizing it was me in my sleep sleeping, 3 eggs came from above and covered my body, I woke up instantly looking around my room thinking how odd that was. I started to lay back when I looked out my door and I saw these yellow eyes with black pupils come out from the corridor a body and a flat head formed that had arms and legs resembling a praying mantis and was a static looking red; abstract to the dark. After speaking with one scholar and studying religion I learned it was an Aeon or Goddess historically named Sophia. My very first spiritual sighting.

I had a moment where I was thinking in my room one day June 2014 I was trying to convince myself I could find a method to learn about becoming an emperor to gain love and support from people to gain blackmail for a cure to aids (assuming there is one) I stood up and started pacing thinking even harder and my body stopped, I felt this 'lift' in the back of my head and time felt slower, as I stood there that moment I felt this wisp or some sort of invisible force go through my left brain hemisphere and in an old ghastly voice , in a low feint whisper say '1888' I questioned it afterword’s and researched that date later, in the late summer I was running more to stay fit as I was running I looked down at my shadow and noticed another shadow following me, it looked he had a crown on top his head (a skull) and a long time ragged black cloak with something in his hand. He followed me and I looked back up and ran faster. Second Spiritual Sighting

I was driving with my friends one night in the summer of July 2014, while I was driving I had this instant purple flash highlight my vision in the blink of an eye which formed into a rocket jet sized flamethrower of a purple flame in the external of my vision, I was watching it follow a linear path in front of me as if it was following a radar grid design in the external of my vision, WHILE DRIVING (I could still see my surroundings) I got a euphoric feeling in my veins and my blood rushed as I instantly started free styling over What Up Gangsta by 50 Cent and my friends looked at me like I was doing okay, when I stopped I told them what happened and we were all puzzled.. Third Spiritual Sighting

August 2014 One day while at home I was thinking about women (Rihanna in particular) and started thinking of women getting beat, I started to think of methods to handle such low action and punishments that would be order. I actually felt so triumphant over my result that I sarcastically thought of a sarcastic sexual innuendo for the famous art piece the Mona Lisa. Instantly my brain had a pressure as if someone grabbed it and this skeleton appeared in my vision, drawn, charcoal black with frantic black hair (like the well girl in The Ring) and flashy orange eyes (like a moth) in the socket. I started pacing in my house frantic thinking I'm about to get possessed or killed but kept smiling, (I even questioned why I couldn’t stop) nothing happened other than the feeling of my brain being massaged. The skeleton left and my brain instantly pondered other famous Art pieces the Statue of Liberty revealed for a brief moment and my heart rate increased then it switched to me where I threw a graduate cap in the air, then the pressure left. Fourth spiritual sighting

One day I was speculating an example of a women's attraction to her highest pleasure, loving her; and sensed the happiness in her heart for seeing blue smoke or vapor coming from her heart. I pondered about how she could be feeling almost like I was becoming her when suddenly I felt my molecules vibrating and I sat back as I felt a small breeze blow through my bones like I was being worshipped with somebody waving a fan next to me. In my right eye a light skinned man, with brown hair & goatee, shining as bright as a sun with a jolly smile, blush cheeks, and a round head fit perfect as a king appeared. He said Hey Hey very fluently, his voice inspired me to research the stars, I thought there was no way anybody could sound like him, he sounded like he had a feint Jewish accent, except his tone was deep and clear, very commanding, it sounded like it surrounded me. He starts to walk, every step he took he moved up and down like he carried the weight of the world on his shoulders, (or carrying a heavy frame), one step seemed like two it was so swift, every step he stretched his legs like a solider, but barely or didn't swing his arms. He moved with as if Memory in the Millennia was remembering every muscle he moved so it's really hard to imagine. My body felt like it was shaking and I asked my friend if he noticed me shaking but he couldn't see it (wasn't paying attention either). He traveled for a while and ended when he was walking toward a home where 2 women stood outside beckoning him to come inside, he walks toward the open door where he walks past the open door and the whole Millennia faded to black, (to normal for me). I didn't record much because I was visiting a friend that night and I was watching him play a League of Legends game and didn't want to move a muscle when the hallucination occurred. It went on for a whole League of Legends game (45min or longer). The whole place was so high-def. like every molecule created in there had a shining sun. When it ended I instantly wondered then began to ponder and thought about the fallen angel (I describe below)
Fifth Spiritual Sighting I believe he was also named Heyzeus.

I've had experiences with the Anti-Christ on 2 separate occasions he’s no longer the Greek man, he’s a Cyclopes one red eye. I was hanging out with my friend one night telling him about the Kabbalah which he read up; instantly disproves it and attempted to belittle it. I felt this pressure on my head like great power was oppressing my head it (my head sunk) and I saw a red eye shaped like a bulls eye form behind his head (the size of an average crown). Another time I was alone in my room thinking to myself why Christians would claim him to be the antichrist, the same eye jumped out of my heart and said "Evasive, aren't I?" But was the size of a cockroach. I believe that when Hermes was telling people to worship Demiurge he already acquired his "position" with the soul. He sought immortality and although he is still here he found his way into the dark forces.

These are the moments I had hallucinations in my mind, I believe are connected to my Soul.

1. Back in 2012 relating to an acronym I made of YOU Your Own Universe. I instantly had my brain activate like a gigantic powerful computer powering on, I felt empty headed as I speculated 3 purple stars in the universe at a distance I'm guessing light years away.

2. I had a this odd "hallucination" in June 2014 I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep so I thought to myself what I'd like to study more into the next few months, I began to ponder Philosophy and going to New York one day (wide range of people) and I felt my body lift in this particle feel and as my body felt like it was being lifted I saw this pink blob in a hazy blue background when the lift stopped the blob transformed into a pink figure of a human head cocked down slightly on top of clouds. I watched it for a few moments before I opened my eyes.

3. After I had that experience with those Millennia, and it all faded to black I 'asked myself' if he was real does that mean? A flashy, rose red, 2 dimensional face of a carved silhouette emerged from the black, and He grunted rather aggressively, toned, like he was not loved as the previous one. He flashed for a few moments then disappeared, I didn't expect it but I analyzed the very small detail that was recorded of the fallen angel.

4. October 12th 2014 I was driving home on the highway returning from the highlands late one evening, I started thinking to myself and pondered this thought; "I wonder if Thoth fooled everyone wearing a mask”, but then he suddenly appeared in a white flash, snarling his teeth like a snout. I sat there and didn't move but also didn't think much after I was so shook. I wait, pondering in silence as I drive home, I get home and sit on my bed, my back resting on the headstand, then I begin to think of all that's happened in the 4 months and thought of blood Mary, my imagination vision my bathroom as pink stripes the exact color of the pink silhouette described on June 2014, it stayed in the back of my mind, and nothing could make me forget the connection I made some time ago in Early 2015 that maybe she an is an old soul, or is captive? I attempted one day in January 2015 to summon her, but when I faced the mirror my heart was beating so fast, I couldn't muster the courage to really do it. I couldn't shake that there was a reason I saw those stripes and that I could be in danger because of the legends I was told, I researched what happens to people when they summon her, and read a lot of stories and reports people have made, apparently there is reports of people being summoned by her. During February 11th 2015 around midnight, I was thinking to myself if I was a panpsychist what would it mean if she ate my soul, then I had this thought "She wanted to enter my soul" instantly I had my heart rate
increase like I was having a heart attack, it was beating so fast I was squirming in my bed trying to fight this urge I had to summon her, I also heard voices telling me to "start Armageddon" and the feeling felt like I was trying to be controlled. I didn't move out of my bed but laid there restless having spasms, my heart continued at the increased pace all night,
until 6am or a little earlier. It felt like evil forces we're inside me trying to trick me into summoning her, I couldn't shake the feeling of Evil. After my heart started to calm down, I heard this ``receiver ring`` like someone contacted me in the mind using an internal piece of technology. I heard her say ``hunt the Panpsychist `which I instantly thought, and said something like ``I’ll throw my neck out to you, I don`t care`` (basically told them to kill me) in which I heard the same receiving noise and the voice responds `Good Choice` it came to my recent attention that I was contacted by extra-terrestrial life perhaps.

5. I was sitting on my bed thinking to myself, I shut my eyes only to see my face sideways, as grey shade, with pupils like a cat staring back at me through imagination, I concentrated on it for a moment and I opened my eyes after it was gone.

This Last one I Believe is a Calling, separate from my Spiritual Sight, and Soul.

One day I was jogging and thinking about the Olympics, I thought about the color schemes, and when I thought of the color bronze my imagination gets cocooned by a bronze egg shaped color, inside this color I see my doppelganger also running reading a thick encyclopedia in his right hand *very aware*, he was dressed like a court wizard, blue cloak to his knees, and pants both with silver horizontal stripes, the apparel looked highly fashioned. He shut the book with his right hand while he was running, and when he looked up he picked up speed, and ran toward me (through me) and disappeared. It was all in my head but I was also jogging on the side of the road when it happened.

Say what you think about all of this, the Y.O.U happened in 2012, which I believe I could be more science involved.
The during Feb.11 2015 was the time the mind could have been finished, like the Mayans anticipated. My beliefs are heavy and nutty, but I know that there is more! Ask anything! I want dogmatic fixtures.
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Who should I contact?
I think I have an answer for Panpsychism.
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Reply Thu 16 Apr, 2015 09:46 pm
Do not look to the Mayans for wisdom. They did a remarkably unprofessional job when it came to predicting the Spaniards.

Why did you post this, if I may ask.
Reply Fri 17 Apr, 2015 07:13 am
i'm tired of not being able to do anything, i found out so much, in as little as 15 months, I could only tell more.
i'm not looking at Mayans either, it's just maybe what they expected about the mind, because it did actually happen, and another Life Being is aware.
so basically this is a message, I have began creating a super awareness, and if you understand the dilemma with seeing the fallen angel, i am also chained to him, creating super intelligence.
I don't care, what people think anymore the worlds to dogmatic, my life isn't a promise but I know I'm also a Novice - advanced beginner toward the Vitruvian Man, I know some things about Da Vinci you`ll only hear through one lifetime.
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