Take a second look at your cursor/computer interaction

Reply Tue 11 Jun, 2013 03:51 am
Think about the mouse cursor as your conscious mind and the computer as your subconscious. The cursor is there to create and direct while the computer is there to provide a foundation of data to assist the creation/direction. The more you know about your computer, the more the cursor can do. The more the cursor can do, the more the computer can expand to. The cursor only makes up a small portion of the computer relative in size but it is a necessary component. It can either be brilliant or idiotic contingent upon the knowledge you hold about the computer. It's easy to see, the cursor is not everything, it is the interaction with the computer which makes it what it is as well as the cursor which makes the computer what it is. The more you realize you don't know about your computer and cursor, the more room you leave to explore its entirety and develop both the cursor and the computer. Both components are part of the same system whose purpose is shared. My conclusion: explore your subconscious/conscious mind interaction. It will unlock an incredible universe.
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Reply Tue 11 Jun, 2013 04:06 am
RisingToShine wrote:
... explore your subconscious/conscious mind interaction ...

Did you have a specific method in mind for that?
Reply Tue 11 Jun, 2013 01:05 pm
Each interaction is unique to the individual depending on how much you already let your subconscious mind enter in. I think a huge component which blocks people from accessing their subconscious mind is by thinking their conscious mind is all there is. So the first step would then be, imo, to not assume the conscious mind is everything which places you in a position of listening and searching. Each body gesture, or scratch, or thought has a deeply embedded root which it derives from. So a good place to start as well would be to question. Question why a thought exists or a behavior and let the question exist without an immediate answer. Pose the question and allow yourself to listen to multiple possibilities.
Reply Wed 12 Jun, 2013 04:16 am
Possibly interesting academically. But I only get paid for the time I spend working with my conscious mind, and dreaming is the best exploration of the subconscious, so unless I hit the lottery and have time to burn...
Reply Wed 12 Jun, 2013 10:00 am
Is getting paid worth selling your soul? Be the change you want to see in the world. More people need to stand up against limiting themselves to partake in society. Society should exist to better ourselves and live in an environment which encourages us to be all of who we can be. If we allow suppression then we set the example to others that it is okay to be suppressed and we validate the existence of suppression within our culture and community. It takes someone brave to follow the voice of love but it must be done. And imo, there is no line of reasoning that can validate suppression. Money is not happiness. If people say they make a living to support their children, I think the purest kind of support is showing your child true happiness. When you sacrifice happiness for money, you taint a part of yourself which trusts you to do the right thing and through doing so, these lessons get passed onto our children. There is no excuse for suppression.
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Reply Mon 28 Dec, 2015 12:58 pm
Re: Take a second look at your cursor/computer interaction

> ??? Why ???
Reply Mon 28 Dec, 2015 01:32 pm
You're about 2 years late to those who commented here if you're waiting for a reply from the OP.
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Reply Mon 28 Dec, 2015 02:05 pm
The subconscious is easy to understand. It is just the four F's.

Fleeing, Fighting, Feeding and Reproducing.

There is a reason that our subconscious is subconscious-- we developed these base instincts of self-preservation, hoarding resources and procreation long before we started walking on two legs. Our conscious mind was developed when we started forming societies, developing language and thinking rationally. We became conscious because acting on our base instincts didn't work once w developed enough that we needed to live and work together.

We should understand our basic subconscious mind and we should certainly understand our tendencies to prejudice anger and lust the come from it.

But, in my opinion, human beings work best when we live consciously, thoughfully and with reason.
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