Do you still collect DVDs and BluRays...?

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Do you still buy DVDs and/or BluRays of movies? Seasons of television series? VHS tapes? Embarrassed
Or have you strictly moved into streaming from iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Instant video, etc...? Do you still use laser discs?

What about Cds, vinyl records, and 8-track tapes for music?

My personal feature film library:

My much smaller television library:
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I still have DVDs and VHS tapes, both movies and music. Haven't purchased any in a long time.

I don't do streaming.

Still have many CDs and cassette tapes and listen to many of them daily.
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Reply Fri 6 Mar, 2015 06:27 pm
DVD is the most modern I have gone. And haven't been adding any new ones lately, except Noah. I have some favorites on VHS, but the player refused to start the other day.
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Reply Fri 6 Mar, 2015 06:42 pm
When I watch a movie (when it's not on cable) nowadays it's on Blue-Ray on HD. Generally it's rented from Netflix.
I bought a Sony PS3 about 4.5 years ago mainly to see movies...but I still play Madden Football video game on it when the mood strikes me.
I've tossed just about all my old media, though I may have a Sony DVD player somewhere that's still fairly pristine. Might have a copy of Raging Bull on DVD and a few others.

I still have a few hundred CDs. In fact, I've just inherited 250 more CDs the other day as a result of inheritance through a friend who sadly passed on.

I had a few dozens of self-recorded cassettes ...but inherited
4-5 dozen more from this same friend. I need to pick up an inexpensive cassette player now that it's worthwhile due to the quality and quantity of my library.

My system includes a pretty nifty turntable as well as preamplifier etc., so my 150-200 albums are in great shape to be played. On Sundays, I listen classical and/or jazz. During the week it tends to be R&R and jazz.
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I do everything through streaming now, or Cloud based purchases. I've converted over 90% of my previous DVD collection into data files which are stored on the server in my house and backed up onto the Cloud. I also have a growing collection of iTunes purchases which never leave the Cloud unless I want to stream them to watch them. I prefer the collection (and all media in general) to be non-physical. It's much easier to access that way.
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Reply Fri 6 Mar, 2015 10:19 pm
I have lots of CDs and vinyl records. Nothing more advanced.
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Reply Fri 6 Mar, 2015 10:43 pm
people moving to streaming and cloud etc ... has been great for finding obscure music on c.d. as people sell them to 2nd hand shops and donate them

my middle-eastern/north african music collection is growing nicely

a group of us chipped in to buy a communal hard drive where we are taking turns copying our belly dance and egyptian folk dance music collections - some are then storing the music in the cloud - others are saving it back to our own hard drives for now

thinking of finally buying something to convert the remaining cassettes to mp-3's
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Reply Fri 6 Mar, 2015 10:57 pm
tsarstepan wrote:
Do you still buy DVDs and/or BluRays of movies? Seasons of television series?

Yes. Both movies and TV series. Blu-Ray 3D if possible. DVD only if it's not available on Blu-Ray.

tsarstepan wrote:
VHS tapes? Embarrassed

I have all my old ones from 20+ years ago. I don't buy any now of course.

I also have a Time Base Correcter. Mr. Green

I have a VHS home recording that I made of a Pay Per View showing of an Ozzy concert (1992-ish). As far as I can tell, no one on the internet even remembers the existence of this particular Pay Per View.

I suppose it might be the Oct. 8, 1992 Oakland Coliseum show recorded by MTV, but I've never heard that MTV released a Pay Per View of it, and it has been so long since I watched it that I don't remember what the venue/date was.

I really need to dig it out and watch it again.

tsarstepan wrote:
What about Cds, vinyl records,

I have all my old ones. Been a long time since I've listened to anything new.

I have an original Guns N Roses Appetite For Destruction LP, unopened.

By "original" I mean not with the cross on the front, but rather with the painting on the front.

Like this: http://wimwords.com/2013/01/31/from-the-stacks-appetite-for-destruction/

No, it isn't for sale. Nor will it ever be as long as I am alive.
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Reply Wed 15 Mar, 2017 01:03 pm
TsarStepan's Rifftrax Commentary-Only Library
TsarStepan's Short Film Library
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