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Reply Sun 13 Jun, 2004 09:34 pm
I'm in the process of buying a new house, and my closing date is fast approaching. We've been working a very experienced realtor (30+ years) and her assistant. The assistant has been extremely helpful on an ongoing basis -- we've exchanged 200-300 emails -- while the main realtor was very helpful during the period that we were actually there looking at houses, making the offer, etc. Lots of good specific advice, got me the application materials for a local preschool, etc., etc.

So, at closing, I'd like to get each of them some sort of a gift. It's hard to know what; I know very little about their taste. (I know it's not mine -- took a lot of explaining before I got them to figure out what kind of a house we wanted.) The only information I have to go on right now is that the love of the main realtor's life is her golden retriever, and the assistant has REALLY wanted to see the Seurat exhibit in Chicago. (That one's easier, I should be able to get some sort of souvenir from the exhibit that would be suitable.)

Anyway, any input appreciated as to what if anything is standard in this situation (a tiny token? something more substantial? nothing, that's what the commission is for?), and any ideas you may have.

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Reply Sun 13 Jun, 2004 10:12 pm
Cookies never miss...
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Reply Mon 14 Jun, 2004 06:18 am
The world is full of dog fanatics.

One of the early Google possibilities:

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Reply Mon 14 Jun, 2004 06:27 am
soz- When I first started to read your post, my first reaction was, "Is she daft? These guys are getting paid plenty"! As I read on, I realized that these realtors have gone above and beyond in helping you with your move.

I think that the nicest thing that you could do is give them each a token gift, accompanied by a lovely note. I like Noddy's Golden Retriever site. You could pick up something for a few dollars that show that you are very appreciative. I would not go overboard, though.

You are one lucky lady that you found such a great realtor. The best gift, in addition, is letting other people know how great these people are. Real Estate is very much a word of mouth business.
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Reply Mon 14 Jun, 2004 09:55 pm
Thanks, a big part of what I'm going for is what's expected/ what the baseline is. Like, if everyone gets their realtors a token, I want to get 'em a nice gift. If people usually consider the comission plenty, I'd like to get 'em a token (and yes, a nice note.)

Good point about word of mouth, will definitely do that.

Thanks for the link, Noddy!

PDiddie, some nice homemade cookies are a good backup plan, thanks. Or maybe combination thereof, a special tin or something.

Would love to hear more from people about that baseline... looks like it's shaping up as usually just the commission?
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Reply Tue 15 Jun, 2004 03:49 am
D'ain't no lines I know of.

This is really one of those things that can go from 0-100 in eight seconds, soze, sorta like tipping the valet.

You could invite them to your house-warming party (the most successful real-estate people network like a mutha and would consider this a great gift; of course on the downside you might have some new friends for life); you could get them something kind of expensive -- $100-$200 -- and exceptionally personal, like a day of spa treatments ('thanks for all of your hard work, now take some time off and get a massage' kind of thing); or something not quite so expensive -- $30-$50 -- and personal, like next year's planning calendar from Daytimer or Palm or whatever they happen to use.

They usually get nothing, I'm guessing, beyond a thank-you note and less occasionally something like an appreciation gifty, which I would consider to be a plate of cookies or a basket of fruit or some bath salts; and once in a great while they receive something they would take to be spectacular, which is subject to your imagination and may or may not be expensive.

To extend the valet analogy, when I was one I often got nothing or $1 (hey, it was the mid-'70's); I once in awhile got $5; once I got a twenty, and once I got a fitty with the lady's name and phone number written on it. Shocked

So, as you already know, it's really up to you whatchoo wanna do.
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Reply Tue 15 Jun, 2004 10:14 am
Errrrrrr, it may be different in the U.S., but here it is traditional for the buyer's agent to give a gift to the buyer, not the buyer to the agent.

They are getting a dandy payout already for having done their job. The woman who assisted me when I bought my house only needs to sell 10 houses a year to make 2x my annual income. She doesn't need or want anything from me. Other than referrals, and that is clear in the monthly newsletters I get from her, and the annual Christmas poinsettia she leaves at my door.
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