please check my essay

Reply Mon 19 Jan, 2015 12:07 pm
Subject: "A typical day in the future"
Please don't take it seriously. It's just my homework
My day usually begins at 7 o'clock with the blaring sound of my personal robot Jim. After brushing my teeth and having a bath, I have breakfast. My breakfast is a cocktail that contains all the necessary vitamins. It makes me Jim. Then I take my tablet computer and go to school.
On the street everywhere flying cars. I have my own car, but it is controlled by Jim, because I'm still young. In school, I was connected to a single large computer. Then I pumped knowledge. So I do every day for two hours. After school Jim takes me home. More I do not go out on the street because there is no need. I sit at home and do what I like so. I do not care about anything because everything makes me Jim. Basically, I'm sitting at the computer.
My house is small. It has three rooms. Rooms consist of walls that can be moved. It is also possible to modify their properties, for example, to make transparent. Each house has a sports hall. Every day I go in for sports.
I have no friends because they do not need. If I want to talk, I talk to Jim. It replaces me and parents. Jim is always there with me and always supported me. Again I drink a cocktail at 10 pm, brush my teeth and go to bed. I think it is very good when you have a settled timetable. You feel more organized. This is my typical day.
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Reply Mon 19 Jan, 2015 04:30 pm
My day usually begins at 7 a.m., waking to the blaring sound of my personal robot Jim from a desktop PC aside my bed. After brushing and bath, my breakfast is a cocktail of veggies containing all the necessary vitamins and minerals I hope maintain my ability to better concentrate on matters digital, making me in effect Jim Sr. After a few deft keystrokes, l then lovingly take up Jim Jr--now in the form of a handy tablet--and I'm off to school.

On the street, everywhere, flying cars. I have my own, but controlled by Jim Jr through a wired connection. That's because I'm still untrained in matters of navigation and besides too young to acquire the necessary license. Then having arrived, through wireless connection Jr and I are connected to a single large PC reputedly situated in an adjacent schoolbuilding formerly dedicated to the storage of cleaning utensils. Through these facilities I pump knowledge every day for two hours.

After school Jr of course takes me home. More than that I seldom access my busy neighborhood streets since almost everything else I need is found at home where I do what I like; including cohabitation with my Better Half Matilda, consuming her excellent meals, downing vast amounts of Exotic Imported Brew, and watching TV. I don't care much about anything else because I'm so basically like Jim Jr, sitting here at my PC.

My house is small, three rooms, consisting basically of walls that can be moved around at will. In some of the most remarkable developments of the century I am able to modify certain of their properties: For example, I can make one transparent at the push of a button; although let it be known I've yet to find occasion.

Incidentally mine is one of a group of several such homes walled off from the rest of the neighborhood, each one having its very own sports hall. So every day I go in for one sport or another, but I have no idea what the others' are like. I have tried to make friends about, but with little luck since they apparently don't need me in any way whatever; so if I want to talk, I talk to Jim Jr

He replaces me and my parents, (who long ago perished in The Great Uproar of 2018) always with me and always supporting me. Yet Jim Sr still commands the upper hand, assured with the 10 pm cocktail Jr is yet unable to manage, when I again brush and retire, an excellent routine to have a settled timetable, feeling vastly more organized.

That's my typical day
Reply Mon 19 Jan, 2015 06:28 pm
You've pretty much done it all, you old geezer!
Reply Tue 20 Jan, 2015 11:36 am
Thanks Neo
Sometimes I just get carried away
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