seasoning firewood

Reply Tue 18 Nov, 2014 11:49 am
obviously with colder temps we get lower RH, and I realize firewood will continue to dry/season during the winter months. my ponder is that of the rate in which moisture will evaporate in -30c roughly 5% RH as apposed to 30c 18 to 20% RH. the reason why I ask is that we did our first cut last Apr/May, I left the Oak and Maple exposed to the sun and wind but sheltered it from the rain, obviously it was only half cured and metered at about 25% moisture on my gadget when I checked in Oct. Here's the odd part, we have had about 2 weeks of cold dry weather, past week has been about 8 to 10 deg. below freezing, my Oak and Maple is now metering at below 15% avr @12%, I did cut a few pieces to meter the inside and got the same results, earlier this fall around Oct I did end up on a few occasions accidentally burning a few pieces of Oak that did not get separated and they of course always sizzled away for hours. Not now, after about 2 weeks of cold dry the Oak and Maple seems to be stable, burns quite well, less than 1 year cure time as apposed to the suggested 2 years for Oak! any thoughts on this?
Reply Tue 18 Nov, 2014 05:01 pm
we usually cut wood in late winter into logs and let it dry on the log in uncovered piles for a season. Then we cut it into firewood sized logs in late summer and split it and let it dry (covered ) until maybe Feb and we have it at the tail end of a season but enough to start off the next year. Weve always had good luck and no hissing. I LOVE maple over oak, even though oak is supposedly more energy dense. I only have a 15 acre woodlot so I have to use some selective harvesting.
We use about 4 cords of wood a year. We love wood heat , its so friendly compared to our gas furnace.

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