I wish to take a honest realist survey/poll

Reply Fri 3 Jan, 2003 08:17 pm
Honestly, sit back and ponder are you the kind of person, that is Very Happy , well to the humanist side... ?Like if you were to write a book, make a park or help educate.

Would you want the money, just recognition of some sort, or maybe an ancient Grecian stance and give it all away to help even more?
I will not do this in original poll standards.
Due to the fact that I honor everyone's opinion. Wish to here their own feed back. Instead of yes or no. There are many members on this site with many different cultural backgrounds or study/belief in Religion or Philosophy. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Question Question Question
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Reply Sun 5 Jan, 2003 10:11 pm
You are looking for "motive"; an easy one.

I do what I do for my own benefit, and in order to benefit whoever may chance to encounter my actions, and in a maner to avoid harming any who may come in contact with the "waves" eminating from my actions.

OK, OK, it's easy to "think"; harder to communicate effectively!

To try again; attempt to provide benefit; avoid doing harm.

The "reason"?
It is the only course of action which makes sense!
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cicerone imposter
Reply Sun 5 Jan, 2003 10:41 pm
What's a "honest realist?" I need to understand the question, before I can answer it. I can be dense sometimes, so please keep it elemental. Thx, ;( c.i.
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Reply Sun 5 Jan, 2003 11:42 pm
well mellow
*IF I were to do any of the above, it would certainly not
be for recognition, because for some reason that means zero
to me........in fact, it would repulse me, so I would shy
away from it like a fish from a hook
*If there were money involved, then yes, I would want
to make sure, to be certain, that my family and my
grandkids and their grandkids would never need to fear
of life in poverty - is not at all about the money in and of
itself, but about their safety - I have known poverty and
there is no safety in poverty and no power in poverty.
Still, there would be tons left to spend - so on, and on
what WOULD WE do with all the rest ?
My desires and wishes for what I could best do for my fellow
beings here - would be to make much more land BELONG TO
THE PUBLIC - make more parks, huge national parks, then even
larger and still larger ones.
I would want and try to stop man from raping every forest,
every tree they can find..... just stop it and never do it again.
Learn to write your name on some other thing than paper
but save trees, save what is still green and alive here.
I would want to stop man from stealing all the public beach
access - in exchange for greedy cash - from other greedy
people who only want to block the view of the ocean from all but
those who can afford to buy their homes and condos or stay in
their hotels - as if a beach is a thing that can be owned.
I would not be able to completely give it all away, because I
would want to ensure that even 1,000 or 10,000 years later
a person can still go and find a place that is pure and green,
like the Smoky Mtn Park, Yosemite, Yellowstone, & all forests
still standing today, and aside from all of those already in place,
add more and bigger ones,& ones that I want to create - would
all be free - free and clear, paid for in advance and not under the
gavel of a cheating Congress to change or to alter because it isn't
worth what it costs to them for the upkeep of this beauty because
they value what is only artificial, so can not ever see that this is real,
pure beauty, free of pollution and free of corruption
I want also to make all the existing parks bigger - big enough
to hold all the world full of people who will need to get free,
get away from a world of glass & concrete and need to be with
nature and nature only - the one place with no electric lines - no
hot water and no stopping up the rivers and the brooks & the music
of these will be there always and forever - heard for all eternity
There is little enough left today, that resembles what must once
have been so pure and divine a sight to see -
so beautiful and new unspoiled and untouched.....and I
would try to save as much of
this as one human being possibly could for the sake of those who
come along behind us.
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Reply Tue 7 Jan, 2003 12:05 am
I would always try to do my best, without pretension, as one of God's children. If you do what you love, the saying goes, the money will follow. Fame, on the other hand, is rarely lasting.
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Reply Tue 7 Jan, 2003 12:29 am
I am very humanitarian and wish to help my family first. Therefore, give me money. I can take care of the other later!
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