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Expose as myth and dogmen about catholics and other, christmas.

Scients of evolution must correct or change their theory and a human multiple cellbody can"t be created out of onr-cells-bodies or bacterias.

Yes, Adam has be no other chance as to reproduce more childs and Eve also with her sons , which are born after Kain & Abel incest.We aren''t force to do incest.

I read here - questions of religions or- does Jesus exist.

Many answers I want to underline or complete.

Wars , crusades about religions doesn't God approve , but stupid humans does blamed him therefore.

Christmas was transfered from the caesarism by catholics .

Nowhere it says on bible the exact birthday of Jesus and has nothing to do with christmas.

Witness of Jehovas has also a weird creation of their ideology of faith. An own bible tbey have too.

Nowhere it says on normally bibles , you have to refuse human blood.

Animal blood they weren't allowed to consume those days, because of avoiding illness about bacteriously blood.

Than Jehovas don't adore Jesus.To go annoying people by ringing the bell like a chapman and telling lies about human blood etc.doesn"t God approve again!

No, apes aren't our relatives , ancestors, because they can't not even donor their blood , nor their organs. Pigs organs are able to be in us temporarely.

Catholics adore angels , where we'll degrade angles according the bible
.Quotes about are missing , as the german kind is different. Angels who God sent were humans, if you understand the history of bible. Although the deciples didn't and I don,'t understand all stories about bible, but understand Jesus is more important, to have a relationship to him.

To admire mary is a big fault too and the pope is senseless at all! He is named in the relevation as an antichrist with his golden rings and purple garmet.
Living near the 7 hills , which are situated in Rome,really!

Jesus don"t need communion,confirmation,Easter plus christmas of course etc.
The only he need would be the Ascension day, harvest festival,feast of booths,Eucharist and baptism ,if Jesus does need it. He approve about, it , but baptism has to be determinded by adult and not by a baby.How useless as a baby !

Why asking the appointment-desk-woman( Mary ), when the doc ( Jesus) is being around in person?

Africans are a part of vodoo,devil and traditions mingled with Jesus. That doesn't work! Like South-Amerika and d their dangerous areas ,where Mary and angels are important in their daily grind.

Allah,the God of moslems , a human made invention .Though God doesn't bear another God before him
Further he doesn't apprprove mummed females .Christian females cover their skin by long hair.
And christian wife does obey her hubby in mostly cases , but she is never to battered like a moslem female .

God doesn't do a match or game with allah for decisions about who has to be an offender to destroy Twintowers for instance.
!USA make all against Jesus , they ignore commendments like - don't kill .

USA approve their lethal injections by bible daily.
If one makes such faults Jesus doesn,,t avoiid assaults by terrorists.

The evil can distroy..Acccording to bible the evil or devil is always taking chances to destroy us.

He is confusing us with other religions and all what can tug us away from Jesus or right ways.

A further example is to pretent us a life before our presently life. Wondering why devil gives live in our mind about a previous time , which possibilities to search old addresses of registration offices from the middleage.

Maybe you can find an old building there too, which you have seen in a dream and you are completely onvinced, ,that you lived there 200 or more years ago.Easily to get , because "evidences" of those lives you have to expect in Europe.

Maybe in Asia you have to search your previous life in a circle of 1000km .

Wondering again, you don"t hear very often about a life in antiquity ,.Simply ,but it wouldn,t be seem truely , when a nosy human can"t find addresses, "evidences' from that time or a remained building.

Humans wouldn't keep up their curiosity , if they would have find out a to huge region who they were in their history life!

Devil has much to do to lead our attetion away from Jesus.

Crop circles are made by humans and you get instructions by internet.

Nowhere exist other live. If so, why are they beeing so stupid and discover themselves all the time? Or are they clever and want to shun us. Because we are bored about the moon and now we are going to contaminate the Mars.

I think there is nothing and Mars will be bleak too after and the evil has to do to give us new ,very costly challenges..

Another way is a haunted flat orr the evil makes us beleave that we are chatting to our passed away uncles, aunts , pets and whatever.Yes, occultism is fast track to hear voices and notice apparitions , but no time do you see or chat to your kin.

On Bible says again, that we should let the death allone and our mourning get over. Jesus keep the dead people locked up .

A very smart track is not to beleave at the evil or devil. That"s his daily goal.

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Lustig Andrei
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I'll come back when you post something in English, something that's actually intelligible and understandable.
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