A message to all the unchangeable blow hards that hold a changeable world back.

Reply Fri 19 Sep, 2014 04:22 pm
Why don't you go hide under a ******* rock like you always do instead of dragging good men down with you because you can't live your life without living it shamefully when others live outside of the rock to experience the life that you never had the strength to fathom!

Why is it that every ******* idiot around the corner thinks they can make their own choices when 1) they don't think, they react, 2) they don't teach themselves, they let others teach them for them, 3) they defend their beliefs like it's the leash that keeps them from going on a killing spree, 4) they are always easily angered, offended and broken into utter pieces, 5) they only choose one side, when living in a world that consists of many sides, aspects, dimensions and perspectives, 6) they want "truth", "equality", "love" and "happiness", when they are quicker to become an animal that bites your head off than actual feral men who have become comfortable with their emotions and their negative emotions! 7) they DO NOTHING, but they expect everyone to DO SOMETHING, 8) they don't want to be judged, but they judge others on such a high rate, they might as well band together and boycott their own fecal matter, because even fecal matter is better than these pharisaic monsters - at least fecal matter can give life to this planet, what do these good for nothing nil leaders have to give to us and this world - ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

No, I'm tired of it. **** all of you idiots. One day, you will rue this day - I guarantee it - and frankly, I am not threatening you - I am letting you know that one day, all of your negligence, arrogance and silence WILL BE THE LAST THING YOU SEE WHEN "things" (things the wise can see) happen. **** your pleasure - WE ARE FIGHTING FOR A FUTURE, while you DO NOTHING. **** YOUR "but muh feelings", "but im rite cuz i saz so", NO **** YOU - YOU ARE THE ENEMY OF OUR FUTURE. If this world wasn't CATERING TO YOUR SORRY ASS LIFESTYLE, AND WAS STILL IN A DAY AND AGE OF WAR, PERSECUTION AND VIOLENCE AT EVERY CORNER, I GUARANTEE YOU THAT YOU WOULD BE THE COWERING **** FACE BABY IN THE CORNER WATCHING YOUR OWN MEN DIE WHEN THEY STAND UP TO THE EVIL THAT ENGULFS EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. **** YOU. People may not see how SHAMEFUL you are, but I do - wise men do - everyone that can see beyond your ******* MASK, can see you for the BIOLOGICAL MESS THAT YOU ARE.
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Reply Fri 19 Sep, 2014 04:29 pm
Don't let the door slam you on your ass on your way out.
One Eyed Mind
Reply Fri 19 Sep, 2014 04:37 pm
The people around me sold the door for drugs.

I'll just walk out of here reminding them that not only are they stuck in this building ******* doing nothing with their lives, but they still won't leave when they can SEE THE OUTSIDE from where they sit bunched up in a dark corner.
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