How dangerous is the SouthSide of Chicago?

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So far, the murdered in Chicago for the year, 2016 numbers 700 residents.
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Without any doubt, the NYTimes has a fixation problem when it comes to the SouthSide of Chicago. In recent reports about crime in Chicago, the Times has repeatedly referred to the "gritty" Southside of Chicago.

In another report on the recent death of a woman who gained fame as a CEO of Sara Lee, the Times referred to this outstanding woman's home town as the "gritty" SouthwestSide suburb of River Grove.

I've never been to River Grove, so I surely don't know why the Times called it "gritty". If 'gritty" means dirty, then the Times should come to Boston, since Boston is a very, very dirty City. But who calls Boston "gritty"? Must be the un-informed.

The WSJ also reported on the recent death of the above mentioned CEO for Sara Lee. But...the Journal didn't use the word "gritty" to describe this woman's hometown. Instead, the Journal used the word "BLUE COLLAR".

Are "BLUE COLLAR" workers "gritty"? Are "gritty towns "BLUE COLLAR"?

To take this forward, one more step... when describing the recent candidates for the Supreme Court of the US, one TV commentator referred to one candidate as having a "BLUE VEIN" background ( Harvard, Columbia) and the other candidate as having a "BLUE COLOR" background (Notre Dame, worked his way through law school driving a cab).

Trump has picked the "BLUE VEIN" candidate.

Since most of Trump's supporters (BLUE COLLAR...."gritty" )put him in the White House, Trump's selection of the "BLUE VEIN" will surely piss off
those individuals who remain as faithful supporters (think down the road to re-election).

I'm surprised the Chicago Tribune hasn't picked up on the use of "gritty" by the Times. I'll have to write to the Tribune about this matter.
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If a person is said to have "GRIT", would you also say that this person is "GRITTY"?
Reply Tue 11 Apr, 2017 01:20 pm
Judge Is Killed Outside His Home

A 56 year old Cook County judge was fatally shot outside his home on Chicago's SouthSide, the latest killing in a city struggling with violent crime.

Raymond Myles, a Cook County criminal judge was shot in the Roseland neighborhood around 4:50 am, according to police. A woman was also wounded in the shooting and is expected to survive.

Police said they are unclear about the motive or whether Judge Myles was targeted because of his duties as a judge, adding that the investigation is ongoing. No suspects were identified.

WSJ 4/11/2017
Judge Myles presided over the trial involving the murder of Jennifer Hudson's sister ( which also took place on the SouthSide of Chicago).

The FBI have also been called in to investigate.
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Pamela Rosa
Reply Sat 8 Aug, 2020 02:36 pm
Twenty-Four Hours in the Life of a Genius Child

18:00 Genius hit payvmint
19:00 Try to carjack toyta.
23:00 Went to beyd
11:00: Mammy trows Genius outo beyd
12:00 Brekfist
13:00 Genius told mommy: I'll ‘rebuild the coomunity
14:00 Told mommy and daddy: I bee baskkaball playa
15:00 I bee footbolla
16:45 Mommy: take yo ass out of hee
17:00 Pair of jordans hit outside
18:00 Genius killt
Lost hiz chans to be fellan, and to turn hiz life aroud
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