Mri brain scan results- help!

Reply Tue 3 Jun, 2014 12:54 pm
I had an mri scan of the head 2 weeks ago because I was having persistent headaches for a month, very painful. Also pulsing tinnitus.
The headaches have subsided. Although I do still get them occasionally.
I had my results today, and my doctor said that the main part of my brain came back normal, but the smallest part of the brain was abnormal.
So he's sending me to a neurologist.

It's got me rather worried. I couldn't ask my doctor much as he isn't very good at explaining things, but he did say something about a syndrome.

Has anyone else been in this situation?
Can anyone shed any light on this?
Thank you in advance.
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Reply Tue 3 Jun, 2014 01:19 pm
Ask him for a copy of the radiology report and then look up the meaning of the technical phrases.

I have to do that with my mother's doctors, and have started doing it with my own. I learn a lot from the exercise and can then pose questions and ask for further explanation from the doctor.

Don't let the doctor get away with not explaining things clearly enough for you to understand. It is his job to make sure you understand and it is your job to keep asking questions and telling him when you don't understand.
Reply Tue 3 Jun, 2014 01:33 pm
I use this website for understanding the technical lingo and results in lab reports.


You can do the same with the MRI report. When I got my mother's brain scan report, I did a Google search of the phrases not familiar to me and was able to figure out what it meant. I then asked her doctor if my understanding of the terminology and implications were correct.

It showed her I was interested and gave her incentive to explain things more thoroughly the next time.
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Reply Tue 3 Jun, 2014 02:30 pm
4622emilyb wrote:

So he's sending me to a neurologist.

I couldn't ask my doctor much as he isn't very good at explaining things, but he did say something about a syndrome.

Since you've not mentioned your general health, your age, or education, I'd advise you to not try and read the MRI report. Frequently, precise anatomical words used in such a report are meaningless to the average patient, who probably lacks any knowledge of neuroanatomy and thus any attempt to read the MRI report may frighten him/her.

Instead, ask the neurologist about your specific diagnosis. When you visit the Neurology Dept on your next trip, take another adult with you, who could perhaps take notes during the session.

Also bring a list of any questions that you'd like to have answered.

Try not to worry, try to remain calm.
Reply Tue 3 Jun, 2014 02:37 pm
Hi 4622emilyb

You really give very few information to make a good opinion. I agree with Butrify, you should get a copy of the study interpretation to understand what is wrong with your mri scan.

I can help you with the complicated words and lingo if you need so.

During a rutine exam 2 years ago i performed a cat scan of my wife´s head. The hospital where i work had just purchased a brand new last generation cat scan and the radiologist, a friend of mine, was eager to test its features. She thought i was exaggerating, but since she suffers of cronic migraine i push her to do it. We discovered a small white mass on the midline between her cerebral hemispheres. We contact another friend (a neurologist) and everything ended on a harmless oscificacted plaque of debrids on the duramater that happened to had form just in the middle of her head. It wasn´t even related to her migraine. It will be her companion the rest of her life.

So relax, do some investigaion. Have patience and wait untill your neuologist appointment.
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Reply Tue 3 Jun, 2014 02:38 pm
I agree, listen to Butrflynet on this.
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Reply Tue 3 Jun, 2014 02:39 pm
Oh, look, look, look, patients as dopes.
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