Terminating parental rights

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I have an 11 month old daughter and I need advice on what to do concerning the birth father. First: my fiancee is not the birth father but we have been living together for over a year and he has helped me raise my daughter. Treats her like she is his. and we are getting married. 2: the birth father is very flighty. he ignored any attempts at contact with him while I was pregnant and saw his daughter one time at the hosptial to sign the birth certificate and then I didnt hear from him again until 2 months later. He will go months without seeing his daughter and during that time ignores all of my calls and texts. This past time he is ignoring all of my calls and texts and threatened to call the cops when i went over to his house to talk to him so I had to leave. I want him to terminate his parental rights but he refuses to do so. Is there anything I can do? I live in Norfolk Virginia and am 20 years old.
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So get a lawyer or get some advice from below:
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tsarstephen is right -- you'll need a lawyer no matter what.

Is your fiancee fully prepared to legally adopt your child? You'll have to do the homestudy, and all of the other legalities of adoption. You'd probably have to have all that in place before the state will consider terminating the biological father's rights.

Is the bio-dad paying child support? If he is you'll probably have a hard time terminating his rights.

Most attorneys will offer a free consultation. Look for an adoption attorney that has some experience with de facto parenting (although a quick google search shows that Virginia doesn't recognize this provision (at least as late as 2008 (things might have changed since then)))
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