The base structure of material philosophy

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When we look at the organic cellular structure we see where the construction of organic objects, unlike the of structure inorganic objects, possess the capacity to progress beyond the level of the molecule.this is significant and underanalayzed . The cell is the defining separation of the animate object from the inanimate object . This capacity must stem from the animate atom systematic operancy.
there are fundamental differences in the animate and the inanimate object's
atomic operation as a system that allow the upper levels of construct-ability from the cell upwards . The postulation is that atmospheric lightning in a time in the earth's
development(I speak of abiogenics here) struck the ocean waters and the atoms of these waters were altered in a chain reaction much like how they got the first atomic bomb to finally work after several failed attempts.
Given that the animate atom relates inanimate atomic structures as its structural comparative , along with space and time as what is termed, complete as a reality(the entirety of the cosmos) through temporality , where temporality is a direct result of the animate atomic structure as a systems, given that the comprehensive material facility of observation is the entirety of the human atomic structure we must acknowledge the material systematic context of our socalled thoughts and all resulting academy :we must credit this material systematic basally with all perceived logicality,therefore all synopses of reality correct or incorrect -all aspects of any perceived reality are material conformations to the capacity of the postulated animate atom,and this is where the cosmological nonsequitur begins. The animate atom is not an ultimate structure(the human construct is merely a facet in the universe when it is seen accurately as a subformal facet in overall universal sytem . Observed existence would have to be a correlate of the distinct
elementary infrastructure of the animate atom. Space, matter and time do not present the animate atom materially; it is the animate atom in extension of the temporality that coheres existencia. Existencia in its particular arrangement would have to be prodictive of observation,meaning that there is a denotative flaw in even the perception of humaness, atomness,organic and in organicness indicated by the comparative stance of inanimateness and animateness(the foundation of the temporal capacity ) . What this also means is that there is a realistic actuality in place of which we experience an analogic of. The initiative of a history of existencia ,
with existencia being of a particular
functional capacity and structural parameter that follows from a capacitated beginning to the state of the animate atoms emergence , (during the formation of the early earth)emanates from the animate with fundamental definitives : space , matter , nonspatial time , that can only be sourced to the animate atomic systematic itself , as temporality details it and a said reality.
Modern and classical science in which the comprehensive localization, descriptivity and comparative distinctivity of the animate atom are undiscovered, but are the dictates of the source of temporality as the so-called spatial commencement of existencia(the big bang) where time ,matter and space are inherent and finitely defined features that acted in precise functionality to eventually formalize a said animate atomic systemic. If the animate atom pellucidates itself as existent in matter , space and time, as animacy does explicity in socalled observation, then a non-sequitur unrenders the sequence of logical analysis that is a socalled start and continuation of a so-called cosmologic reality exactly as is observed
The elementary facet of a system , whether singularly or part-cooptively,cannot be of the ability to exibit its own structure in absoluteness and the structure of the overaching mechanistics, but is capable of idiosyncratic perlucidity. for it is the totality inherent in the systematic, emanating from all facets working as a total processivity, which we can see the temporal facet is not, in that which is termed as cosmological reality, that is the constructionalcapacity of a system.
Appertaining to temporal capacity there is not a reductive compartmentalization in effect - temporality is a strict immediate capacity . It is this conduction that is supposed as the lucidator of inanimacy , space and time(reality) as invariable conformation output , but this immediate capacity(the consciousness, that is a material system of atoms when seen basally)exstructuralizing its source as a particular construct invariably invalidates the construct , which in this case the animate atom and its exponentiality of existence: time space matter and the very conducting capacity- said cosmological reality as is classically thought, therefore the entirety of so-called cosmological existence,as presented by the isolated material system known as the consciousness,is an invalidate construct,meaning that thinking that existence "started" with a big bang and evolved over "time" is not only an incorrect perception,but it is also a "systematically accurate" coherence.

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