What is maternal narcissitic behaviour?

Reply Mon 5 May, 2014 07:07 am
Is it very common? I'm just curious to know the exact meaning of this disorder.
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Reply Mon 5 May, 2014 07:37 am
It typically refers to a mother who attempts to live out her dream/goals through her children, without regard to the way her children feel about it.

It often refers to an mom who has an addiction, where the addictive substance takes precedence over their children.

Disorders like munchausen by proxy, wherein a parent will make their own child sick in order to get attention from doctors, is caused in part by narcissism.

There's a forum on Reddit where people discuss their experience of being raised by narcissists. You might find some of the stories interesting. http://www.reddit.com/r/raisedbynarcissists/new/
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bobsal u1553115
Reply Mon 5 May, 2014 07:57 am

The Flamboyant-Extrovert: This is the mother about whom movies are made. She's a public entertainer, loved by the masses, but secretly feared by her intimate house partners and children. She's the show biz or stage mom and is all about performing. She's noticeable, flashy, fun and "out there." Some love her but you despise the masquerade she performs for the world. You know that you don't really matter to her and her show, except in how you make her look to the rest of the world.

The Accomplishment-Oriented: To the accomplishment-oriented mother, what you achieve in your life is paramount. Success depends on what you do, not who you are. This mom is about grades, best colleges and pertinent degrees. But... if you don't accomplish what she thinks you should, she is deeply embarrassed and may even respond with fury and rage.

The Psychosomatic: The psychosomatic mother uses illness and aches and pains to manipulate others, to get her way, and to focus attention on herself. She cares little for those around her. The way to get attention from this kind of mother is to take care of her. This kind of mother uses illness to escape from her own feelings or from having to deal with difficulties in life. You cannot be sicker than she. She will up the ante.

The Addicted: A parent with a substance abuse issue will always seem narcissistic because the addiction will speak louder than anything else. Sometimes when the addict sobers up the narcissism seems less but not always. The bottle or drug of choice will always come before the child.

The Secretly Mean: The secretly mean mother does not want others to know that she is abusive to her children. She will have a public self and a private self, which are quite different. These mothers can be kind and loving in public but are abusive and cruel at home. The unpredictable, opposite messages to the child are crazy-making.

The Emotionally Needy: While all narcissistic mothers are emotionally needy, this mother shows the characteristic more openly than others. This is the mother you have to emotionally take care of which is a losing proposition to the child. The child's feelings are neglected and the child is unlikely to receive the same nurturance that he or she is expected to provide for the parent.
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Reply Thu 21 Aug, 2014 04:36 am
It is affected by narcissistic personality disorder. As narcissistic parents as close to their children. Narcissistic people with low self esteem feel the need to control. I read an article about narcissistic personality disorder this can give an about narcissistic.

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