Thin Senior Citizens - Cause and Correlation

Reply Thu 2 Jan, 2014 03:44 pm
Why thank you 99, your support is appreciated. Incidentally are you the same fella (/gal?) as your twin

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Reply Thu 2 Jan, 2014 08:42 pm
Yep, agree - nothing wrong with dalehileman -- just some good-natured ribbing, in response to some good-natured ribbing . . .

So, we've really expanded (correctly so, I believe) on some of my original speculation, although a couple of offerings are variations on what I initially noted:

• Reduced incomes in later years and consequently less money to buy nutritious food
• Diminished cognitive processes and simply forgetting to eat regularly
• Lack of facilities or the motivation to cook and eat regularly
• Reduced or loss of appetite due to the aging process
• Reduced effectiveness of the digestive system to process food into bodily stores (fat, muscle, etc.)

• Appetite affected by the prescription medication interaction or contraindications
• Physical caloric needs just reduced due to lesser levels of energy expended
• Too much hassle to prepare food (lack of motivation)
• Food may lack flavor and taste (due to preparation methods or sensory threshold diminished), which may reduce appeal and consequently intake
• Prescribed or self-imposed dietary limitations or restrictions
• Changes in emotional state (depression), which translates into reduced appetite or interest in eating
• Less body mass makes mobility issues associated with aging easier to deal with (I'm not sure about this one . . .)
• Reduced cognitive processes (dementia), and forgetting to eat (occasionally or completely)
• Inability to adequately prepare, obtain nutritious ingredients, or simply lack of access to cooking facilities
• Social or other economic sources which reduce means, motivation or opportunity (hey wait, aren't these the elements of criminal investigations?)

I think this summarizes the core theories, along with some of the variations on the core theories. Others?
Reply Fri 3 Jan, 2014 01:30 am
I'm having dental problems. Can't afford to go to the dentist. So far, I've lost twenty pounds.
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Reply Fri 3 Jan, 2014 12:20 pm
Why thanks CD. It's reassuring to know at least two can recognize the diff between derision and friendly kidding
Reply Fri 3 Jan, 2014 06:49 pm
Think I lost a shoe.
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james fraser5
Reply Sat 4 Jan, 2014 01:45 am
Yes, I have seen my grandmom she dosent eat food in good amounts, Even a small bowl of soup is sufficient for dinner at times.I think lack of exercise and lack of motivation could be a cause.
Reply Sun 5 Jan, 2014 01:18 pm
@james fraser5,
This was all good (I learned a great deal).

And maybe one last passing observation, clearly drawn from the anecdotal "playbook" - at least as regards my dad, and his observable "down-sizing" in his later years.

My dad was of course a member of the "greatest generation", and who for all their greatness, unfortunately missed out on the benefits of fluoridated water supplies in the early stages of his childhood, and by the time fluoridation really kicked into gear at the community water-supply level (1945) - the tooth decay damage had already been done. So, semi-unbeknownst to me, my dad experienced a lot of dental issues in his later years (tooth loss, periodontal disease, etc.), which also could have simply decreased his ability to eat the food that was available (ribs or steak is an uphill battle without all your teeth . . . ), and consequently could have contributed to his observed weight loss in his last few years.

And I guess as a final note that confirms the old adage that "you can't take it with you . . .", my dad did finally invest in a good set of dentures (really good dentures), to the tune of about $15K. Unfortunately, he passed away about two month after his final visit to the dentist . . .

Hope he ate a steak (or two) in those last couple of months.
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