Audiobooks: yea or nay?

Reply Thu 21 Nov, 2013 08:44 am
I really enjoy reading so I've not given much thought to audiobooks. My only experience with them found my mind wandering so much that I missed huge chunks of the story.

I came across this today:

I think he makes some good points.

What is your opinion of audiobooks?
Reply Thu 21 Nov, 2013 08:46 am
It was the only way I got through Emma recently, was to listen to it on iTunes, via a Librivox recording, as I walked.

I also listened to The Art of War, a book I'd already read. That one was okay. I have Aesop's Fables, too, and I grab them on occasion.

It seems to work best with works that have short chapters.
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Reply Thu 21 Nov, 2013 08:52 am
I used to be a proud member of Audible. I stopped for budgetary reasons (rent and food taking a higher priority) and I can get my reading fix via the library.

I cringe when I hear people claim that audiobooks are cheating. I'd consider it cheating only if you have the abridged version of the book.

If you find your mind wandering ... maybe its because you're reading a dull book or the narrator of the audiobook isn't doing his or her job very well. I think too many people invest in bad books and are feel compelled to finish these terribly bad books out of some kind of code of honor. If you're not in school, no one (unless its a job assigned book) is forcing you to finish reading any given book.

BTW: Just because one wears hipster style glasses doesn't make one a hipster. Just saying to no one in particular.
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