Tempory power supply

Reply Wed 30 Oct, 2013 12:07 pm
Hi if my power supply goes off I will be without my gas heating,which is my only source of heat. The heating is fed via a 13 amp socket, so my plan is to run a generator outside and and use an extension lead to the heating supply. Straight foreword. But as an alternative ,can I switch off my mains supply on the curcuit board and use a 2 plug lead from the generator into any socket so I can also use some lights,
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Reply Wed 30 Oct, 2013 02:24 pm
@51 nelson,
You know this is multi-faceted. One thing is absolutely certain is that you cannot supply your panel box with electricity from your generator unless you have the proper switch installed. This is for the safety of the electrical crew working on the line. A back feed from you could kill them. In most states it is charged as murder. So, now to really answer your question
I would probably do something like this:
From the blower/igniter of your heater you have wire going to your fuse box.
Now, I am going to assume you have some working knowledge of electricity.
I would mount a 110 box in a spot near the heater. The wire would go from this duplex receptacle to your breaker box. In essence you have just added a receptacle box. Next, I would put a plug on the wire coming from your heater. Normally, this is plugged into the receptacle you just mounted.
Next, I would mount another receptacle box near the first one. Run a wire from this box (Iprefer #12) to a length that will reach your generator outside. Put a plug on the end. So now, your power goes out in the middle of winter. You start your generator up and plug your cord in. Since the other end is hooked into the receptacle box there are no hot wires hanging around. So you unplug your heater from the house supply and plug it into your generator receptacle and you have heat. Now you can run an extension cord from the other side of this outlet and you have lights.
Do your math before you need it. See how many amps your motor heater draws, and while you are at it, check your refrigerator, and anything else you think you might want plugged in. Remember, if your generator is 8000 watts it funtions at about 80%, or 6400 watts. Most generators would handle your original request of blower motor and lights, but if you want more make sure you know what your load it.
Reply Wed 30 Oct, 2013 04:14 pm
Shad, OT, but you seem to know something about electricity and appliances so if it's no trouble I wonder if you'd mind addressing this thread when you get a chance


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Reply Wed 30 Oct, 2013 08:53 pm
@51 nelson,
When you say you have gas heating I will assume that is a residential furnace and your saying it is connected via an appliance cord to a 120V receptacle. The furnace should be on it's own circuit breaker from your panel. If your service panel is on the exterior and that is where your branch circuit breakers are located you can install a 30amp manual transfer switch at that location. You would run your furnace circuit through the xfr switch as normal power and then install a generator receptacle below the xfr switch to feed the emergency circuit through the xfr switch. Connect you generator when needed, throw the switch and you will have power for your furnace. Although as mentioned, you may want to actually install a small emergency panel that includes the furnace and some lights instead off just the furnace depending on the size of your generator. A quick drawing and a permit would be in order as many utilities have restrictions on the type of transfer switch you are allowed to use.
Reply Thu 31 Oct, 2013 12:04 pm
Bah, again OT, but you evidently know something about the household appliance so if it's no trouble,

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