Is it normal to feel this way in your teens or is it some kind of disorder.?

Reply Thu 29 Aug, 2013 12:40 pm
I have really bad mood swings.. when Im in depression I don't want to eat, I don't want to get up I just want to sleep and I have had a lot of self harm problems..I just want to die and then it will be over. Everything is just falling out of my arms, everything puts me into more deep depression,I feel hopeless and its like my brain is turned off even my moves slow-es down..I had gastric pains of stress, I had headache and I thought it was tumor I went to doctors searching for illness all over my body but here was nothing serious just stress caused stuff I mentioned...one time it was so bad I wasn't able go to school and it lasted for about a month or more I was almost kicked out of school...everyone though I didn't go there for purpose in reality it was awful pains and all that dropping out stressed me even more.. most of the time I feel depressed for a week or two.. and later it gets so much better and its like Im falling in love with all the world around me I can feel that my senses become stronger.. I can see brighter and etc. I become spontaneous, impulsive like my brain is working so fast I can keep up with it I go from doing one thing to another,I become sarcastic and laugh at everything, dress revealing and actually as a person Im shy but when "that thing" gets me I become so confident and brave.. I go hugging everyone like I love everyone.. but at the same time every simple thing when people don't agree with me or something I start to scream, slam doors, Im clingy as hell.. I argue a lot and I become so annoying people and my class friends notice I can't sit or stand still..even when I was little I were so impulsive and restless at store that later seller who knew my father and saw me then told him there was something wrong with me...this last for about a week and sometimes in the middle it can mix up like for 1-3 days my moods changes really fast just from nowhere.. I can't concentrate at school because of these things..My mother had mood swings all her life and doctors said she had something like personality disorder but its more like character departures..I never had normal relationship with her because she was beating me a lot when I was a child.. my father thinks I made this up.. my grandma from my father's side had psychological problems and her son my uncle my father's brother has schizophrenia... Im really afraid that it could be serious.. PLEASE ANSWER, SORRY THAT THIS IS SO LONG.. THANK YOU.
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Reply Thu 29 Aug, 2013 01:19 pm
Of course you might access professional help but for what it's worth sometimes the most gross depression can accrue from some trace chemical presence or absence in the bloodstream

To boost my serotoninI use one each tablet 5-htp, ginseng, kava kava extract, and St John's wort two or three times a day
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Reply Thu 29 Aug, 2013 01:21 pm
Google: bi-polar. Can be regulated with medicine.

But you need an evaluation.

See someone very soon about this. You don't want to go thru life on a roller-coaster.

Find an adult who knows about brain disorders and is not sick themselves. A counselor or relative who is healthy.
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Reply Thu 29 Aug, 2013 09:45 pm
Even though you've said a lot, its not enough for us amateurs and semi professionals to offer any advice other than this:

Many of us on a2k have endured similar periods of confusion and depression, so you are not alone. But do not try to parse through this alone. Seek help from a trusted elder or professional.
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