Star Wars in Philosophy.

Reply Mon 15 Sep, 2014 10:33 pm
There is a scene in Star Wars where Yoda tells Luke, We are not this crude matter, we are Luminous Beings.
I agree.
I have been to Heaven and I know its real.
I didnt have a near death experience either.
I was dead.
Or I should say my body was dead. What I had I call a Death Of Body experience.
Also known as Date Of Birth.
They now mean one and the same to me.
I know witjout a doubt that is not all there is.
We ARE Luminous Beings!
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Reply Tue 9 Feb, 2016 12:30 pm
So, the parallel is that: Might makes right?
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Reply Tue 9 Feb, 2016 12:39 pm
It is my view that the gist of the Star Wars movies is that both internally to the individual and among the group, there is a tension between good and bad, between darkness and light. We all have the capability to do evil to each other, to be inhumane to one another, if we allow ourselves to be ruled by our instincts.

The virtuous one is self aware and recognizes the emergent feelings of anger/hatred and exercises self control, so as to continue to let the light shine and over power the darkness. It is through this self awareness, discipline, and control that the individual can achieve virtue.

The force is a metaphor for this tension, between good and evil (in my mind, I think of a yin-yang symbol as I type this). Ultimately, those who succumb to their own emotions and do not use reason and judgment to control their instincts will fall to the dark side. Those who are self aware, and exercise reason and judgment to control their actions (mitigating 'id' or instinct) will prevail; the path to freedom is virtue.
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Reply Tue 26 Jul, 2016 06:48 pm
SW is full of philosophy. The prequels maybe more than anything else. TFA also has lots to say (Kylo Ren alone is true substance).

The prequels can be interpreted as the meaning of repression; the elegant backdrop and graceful appearance of everything is an allegory of societal repression, forcing people to not express themselves.

TFA is very much about spirituality, and emotional release.

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Reply Mon 29 Apr, 2019 02:03 am
Personally I velieve that Yoda represents a quite life philosphy. I may be wrong, but I've read that this character was created based on Jesus and Buddha and enlightened people. I find it fascinating although I suppose Star Wars don't represent the most sophisticated form of philosophy.
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Fil Albuquerque
Reply Thu 2 May, 2019 01:22 pm
...defeat is a lie...victory is an illusion...death is certain...

speaking on star wars...

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