The Long Expected Next Phase In DUI Law Is HERE

Reply Sun 26 May, 2013 01:55 am
DrewDad wrote:

hawkeye10 wrote:
I wonder why we are seeing so many attempts to get away from talking about DUI law.

I think it's tacit agreement that you're just kind of a douche, and there's no point in trying to have a rational conversation with you.

there are some idiots who cant get beyond the speaker to the idea. I always knew that you were one of those low life scum.

firefly on the other hand knows which end is up, but she is willing to swim through **** to get herself a fur coat, wining is all that matters to her.
Reply Sun 26 May, 2013 07:53 am
there are some idiots who cant get beyond the speaker to the idea

That's because you can't separate yourself from the topic--you can't discuss most topics with any degree of objectively, it inevitably boils down to your personal gripe, or personal approval, because of how the issue personally affects you, or your behavior, in some way. And generally, your self-centered and self-serving position disregards the welfare of the general public, something you try to disguise by claiming you are promoting "individual freedom". At other times, your self-centered and self-serving view completely disregards objective and well documented research findings. And this general pattern of yours repeats itself over and over across a wide variety of topics and threads.

So you inject yourself into the topic in a very personal way, and then express yourself in an often objectionable manner, so the discussion often becomes about you--you make it about yourself, whether or not you realize that.

It's not that your views are unpopular or radical, it's how and why you arrive at your conclusions, and the fact that you often cling to an irrational premise, and resort to personal attacks when others point that out, that gets you disliked and marginalized. You do yourself in, you sink your own arguments, because your thinking is ultimately so narrow-minded, and you become too defensive to see that.

Just food for thought, Hawkeye.
wining is all that matters to her

Not at all. What is there to win? In terms of this topic, we'd all "win" by making the roads safer, by having fewer alcohol-impaired drivers behind the wheel--there would be fewer alcohol-related automobile injuries and deaths, less property damage, lower insurance premiums. Those who want to drink beyond the legal limit can do so, they just have to arrange alternate transportation.
It's not that people can't drink, it's that they have to be responsible about driving after drinking, because driving isn't a private matter--what you do, or fail to do, when operating your motor vehicle, affects everyone else on the road and everything in the path of your car. Because "safety" isn't your personal highest priority, doesn't mean it's a non-issue for most people, or that it shouldn't be a main consideration when it comes to driving. Human life is worth more than a couple of drinks.

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Reply Sun 26 May, 2013 05:42 pm
Hawk is not concerned about society's meltdown. Only his own liquor sales.
Reply Sun 26 May, 2013 06:23 pm
I don't know that he even has liquor sales to be concerned about.

I think he is concerned about drinking Drunk Drunk Drunk, and much more concerned about drinking, and being able to drink, than he is about responsible driving.
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