Very flirty n intimate teacher? If i kiss him, then what?

Reply Tue 2 Apr, 2013 06:16 pm
In sweden. I'm 19 n a girl. My male teacher is 56 + married. We have great contact n same interests in history n litterature. He says often i'm his best student ever like; "many students are great, but no one as great as you", "you're the best student i've had in all years" etc. We talk often in his little office at school alone door closed.

Everytime i go there he hugs me when i'm about to go. Twoarmed hugs. This has been going on since october. Around 2-3 times per week. One time for example he also said i'm his soulmate after we hugged, not jokefully. Smiled. Another time wanted us to stay n talk despite the firealarm at school went on, which we did. He joked about how "hot" it was.

The last months the hugs have been a lot more intimate, cheeks touches, bodys close etc and it has also been several hugs in a row. He has also after hugs placed his hand around my hip, a bit over. Take my hand also. One time not long ago it was maybe 5-7 hugs in a row n after the hugs he smiled very big, bite his lip, got red in his face. Felt a bit nervous? He also said something like "there's many dimensions of you, you're not like everyone else."

He has also several times said he want us to keep contact after i graduate now in june because i'm so nice to talk to. He has said this during/after hugs.

What is this? It feels like he's flirting n probably want something more like sex, or am i overanalyzing and he's just being very friendly, maybe like a "father"? It has been going on for so long n has started to escalet a bit that's why i ask.
Reply Tue 2 Apr, 2013 06:24 pm
Then he will lose his job and stop being anything more than a 56-year-old married guy trying to get into your pants.

Is there any other way to spell this out to you?
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Reply Wed 3 Apr, 2013 05:21 am
Duplicate post. Several answers have been provided in other post:

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