If Adam and Eve were created perfect, how could they sin?

cicerone imposter
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Just responding to the general public. Sorry, you took it personal. Didn't mean to do that!
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@cicerone imposter,
It was addressed to me, if you’d replied to the topic I wouldn’t have made that mistake.

There is a way that Adam and Eve could be true without affecting scientific data at all.

And to make myself clear I’m not saying I believe any of this.

Elizabethan mystic Dr John Dee claimed to have a series of angelic conversations with Uriel. Uriel told him that this universe is a bubble of time and space, and that the world of the supernatural is outside of that.

If that were the case it could be that Adam and Eve happened exactly as portrayed in the Bible, seven days the works. Then after they have transgressed their souls were cast out into the bodies of Homo sapiens that had spent millions of years evolving.

Now that’s sorted everyone can stop arguing about it.
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Greatest I am
Reply Mon 19 Apr, 2021 03:08 pm
davidsheep88 wrote:

No, no, no it was the devil, man was innocent it was he's fault nether G-d. He's original plan was for him to be in the garden of Eden and be happy. The devil who is the enemy thwarted the way it was going to be and the fall of man came.

You must mean elevation of man, --- as Jews see Original Virtue in Eden and not the stupid Original Sin that Christianity invented.

Christians sing that Adam's sin was a happy fault and necessary to god's plan.

They see sin as a part of the plan and you seem to see sin as all evil.

You are a strange Jew.

Do you see Yahweh as in full control of his plan and it being on track at present, or do you think we have derailed it?

Can Yahweh be thwarted?

Who would we put above Yahweh?

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Greatest I am
Reply Mon 19 Apr, 2021 03:14 pm
izzythepush wrote:

The Gnostic interpretation is very different. The serpent is the good guy, telling Adam and Eve the truth about how they were taken by the Demiurge and leading them towards Gnosis and rejoining the true God.

Gnostics also regard it as a myth.

Gnostic of the past were seen as the intelligentsia and moral majority.

They vilified Yahweh on moral grounds when all knew he was a myth.

The idiocy of reading this myth literally is what has caused the bulk of the problems religions are still saddling us with.

If lucky, the world will return to Gnostic thinking.

It is way more morally superior.

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