Bathroom Troubles with our Dogs

Reply Tue 22 Jan, 2013 01:43 pm
Okay so here goes. This may be long because there is quite a bit going on. I live with a pond in my backyard. This makes having a fenced in backyard not a feasible option, so my dogs all have to go potty individually and on a chain so they don't run away. They all go outside until they go potty then get a bit of play time outside chasing the ducks, playing fetch, running around. My dog Bacardi is a 5 year old lab/mastiff mix. He's house trained for the most part but about 6 months ago, he develped a very nasty little habit. He will go outside and do his business while out there, but as soon as I let him in, i have to put him in my room so we can let out one of our other dogs. Once he's in my room, he will pee all over the place, as if he hadn't just gone to the bathroom and it will be all over my bed and things. he's even pulled my bedding off the bed and peed on it. I've cleaned the floor and bed. I have laminate floors, and have tried bleach, white vinegar, laminate cleaners, ammonia, and even store bought pet odor neutralizers, but to no avail- he still does it in the same spots each time. He goes outside pretty close to every 3-4 hours and is good between potty breaks, the problem is only when he's in my room during the potty process. How do I get him to stop? It's at the point where I almost have to replace my bed and will definitely have to replace the laminate floor in my room because he messes it up so much.

My other issue is with the newest addition to our family, a totally sweet Boston terrier/Jack Russel terrier mix named Jenny that my brother got for his birthday last year. She's coming up on almost a year old and the ONLY time she tells us that she has to go potty is when she is waking up in the morning. She will bite our noses to wake us up then go potty outside. Normally she chills with the bigger dogs after that, but all bets are off if she isnt in our laps. She loves to just run into the other room and go potty again. Sometimes she eats the poop but we've been working on that with a chew tab we got from Petsmart for that issue, but she doesnt tell us she has to go outside. If we notice she's not in the room, we'll call her and we let her out to go, but sometimes she's already gone inside so it's like closing the barn doors after the horse has gotten out. Her favorite place to sneak off to is my kitchen and she likes to hide under the table and potty there. I've used the same cleaning products in there as i've tried in my bedroom, but she still lkkes to go under my table. She will also poop by my sister's front door when we go over to visit and have a play date with my sister's toy boston terrier. what do we do to stop this? My brother and I are moving to an apartment that has carpets soon so her pottying is going to be harder to clean up.

Our other two dogs have their own set of issues betwesn the two of them, but that can be relegated to another post on its own, which I may do soon. I just need an opinion on how to get Bacardi to stop peeing all over the place when he is in my room and how to get Jenny to tell us she needs to go outside instead of sneaking off to do it in the house.
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Reply Tue 22 Jan, 2013 03:11 pm
@taylor anne,
Hi Taylor.

Firstly, I would build a closed in pen where they can go for many reasons.

I feel that they are not on equal ground and you may also not be taking them at a time that they feel that they want to go, rather, doing a routine, 1 after the other, after the other.

Are your other two dogs older than Bacardi? And, had one of them previously urinated in your bedroom even if it was a couple of years or more ago? It sounds as if Bacardi purely wants to mark his territory, you..as the favoured dog which again makes me think they are not on equal ground.

If a previous dog had urinated in your bedroom no matter how long ago and no matter how hard you tried to clean it up, Bacardi still may smell it and is taking over as the dog...

Another thing to consider is UTI. If a dog frequently needs to pee, you need to take him/her to the vet with a Urine sample, to test for UTI's, they can easily be treated with antibiotics for 10 days but they can cause worse problems if left un-attended. I would make this your first call.

I have laminate floors, and have tried bleach, white vinegar, laminate cleaners, ammonia, and even store bought pet odor neutralizers, but to no avail

Speak to your vet also regarding the appropriate cleaner to get rid of odors Ammonia which is also in bleach mimicks urine, so you are actually drawing them to wee in the same spot.

When you take Jenny out for a poop, do you take her to the exact same spot each time? Generally this helps, it appears that she has found her own spot/s inside, therefore, if you concentrate on (1) spot outside and take her out more frequently being that she is only 1 years of age this may help further.

You should also leave a small spot and not totally clean it up (outside) so that she can smell it and know it's her spot.

If you catch her inside, don't tell her off, try to get her caught in the middle of her business and take her back outside to the exact same spot... She will understand that is her spot and she should stop pooping in the house.

When dogs are stressed about their territory their behaviour can also change, they will do things you don't like to try to claim that territory.

My honest suggestion would be to find a builder that can build something outside in your yard that has 4 entrances 1 for each dog, so they have their own space, territory and to try to make them all equal inside the home, not favouring one to the other...

Dogs offer un-conditional love. They are priceless. If they feel they are not loved as much as another animal, they will also start mis-behaving, to gain the attention.

There is a lot to think about there.

But I would start with a Vet, for UTI for bacardi, and speak to them about the appropriate cleaner and throw away the products you have been using.

I would then totally clean the bedroom, talk to someone about making an enclosed area for the dogs and then try to treat them all equally.

Think about it, if you have an enclosed area that each area belongs to one, and is big enough PLUS you let them all muck around together, chace the ducks etc, they can all go out at the same time, feel equal and you don't have to go one at a a time every day of your life, morning, noon and night which surely such a routine must get you down as well.

That's my suggestions.
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