Thoughts on determinism...

Reply Sun 3 Feb, 2013 04:44 pm
truth is always about what is left outside of needs or causes concept

existence is superiority value
superiority value is exclusively true freedom
since true freedom exist then any is free truly
when any is free then each free reality is exponentially free out of living free
then any present instant of same existing point is absolutely different and else of previous instant

the least truth is determined so existing point is real the more determinism is certain
by realizing all freedom ends and especially for determinsm freedom

then all business of determinism creations are alive by cheapest freedom wills ends

so we have like free determinism outside existence and living determinism inside of it

the clash between both is the issue of now

if i follow right reasons, i would say that determinism should b dead since it is not existin since know opposites then it is not true

then truth should win as freedom is truth

which go back to the initial justificaiton of true existence determinism being about freedom truth knowledge

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