How can something come from nothing?

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@cicerone imposter,
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I never claimed to be a scientist.
     Oh, you did (implicitly) and even how.
At Post No.Post No.5,749,619 Cicerone Imposter wrote:
You don't even know the definition of science.
     You are talking here instructively as an Editor-in-Chief of a scientific publisher.
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Not correct; vacuum has energy within it.
     This statement is at the level 'Einstein as a TV star in the dawn of the TV' ... as a minimum.
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Scientists share their findings almost immediately after they have tested their theory.
     Here you are talking at the level of Chairman of the Nobel Committee for Physics - competent, with authority, and instructive. You should have made some career in science.
cicerone imposter
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I made a career in Accounting, and did a pretty good job at it. Worked in management positions for 88% of my working career.

I believe that's quite an accomplishment for a guy who almost flunked out of high school.

I've seen most of this world, having traveled the equivalent of 30 times around it; I have visited all five continents, the southernmost and northernmost cities of the world, the highest point on earth (flew to Mt Everest), and dipped my feet in the Dead Sea three times.

I still do six-seven trips every year.

I'll be off to Copenhagen next Tuesday to embark on a ship for a 17-day cruise to NYC. In late November, my travel buddy and I will be on a cruise in the Caribbean.
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@cicerone imposter,
cicerone imposter wrote:
I made a career in Accounting ... In late November, my travel buddy and I will be on a cruise in the Caribbean.
      ... and what is all that supposed to prove - that you are a genius, or that you are at the level of a master-mind of the Universe, or perhaps that if you make a cruise to the Caribbean you will start understanding somehow the Big Bang theory and the General Relativity Theory or what? Last month I have been in Vienna and I still can't understand how can you support any theory without even understanding it?
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