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Reply Tue 23 Apr, 2013 05:34 pm
Appreciate it foreal

all it takes is one word to spark the darkness
bending peoples spines, turn them into arches
hiding up high in my fortress
a bunch of dark forces, forcing divorces
men with no heads riding horses
kidnapping people from there porches
throw them into darkness surrounding torches

absolutely killed it foreal, deepest **** i read so far from this site.

Check me out, some stuff I written, but this is just a small preview, thinking of expanding this later on though.

but yo

As a young kid never new the plan to be a man, had no father figure
That I could partnership with, hardest, darkest don't know where my heart is
My mother's heart is the largest, she never broke a promise
Even if I was about to be blazed by rockets, she'd come in front and stop it
That women the strongest, never lost hope, always accomplished targets
Mama at the moment I feel wasted, like PAC said:
There's no way I can pay you back, But the plan is to show you that I understand, You are appreciated.
What's love for? sometimes I think for its metaphor
Sex in doors?, naah, pathetic whores, sometime I feel like there nothing to be said at all
Sex is a drug, addictive but once I cum out, all's I does is sweat thats all
You only get two dominant species, real ladies or whores
I swore to my mother i'd pick class instead of chicks ass
That one time in life n when your trife you have a wife thats a diamond
Perl, homie you best love ya girl when she shining
Nowadays I don't see that kinda respect for girls
All's I see is hungry pussy munchin up in this world
You'll never understand the pain of a women, you'll never know
Just proves and show stupid Midigets with small brains will never grow
And when your friend stirs ****, never let go
Cause in the End your Friend will leave you and go
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