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Reply Tue 13 Nov, 2012 03:35 pm
come up with a verse and post it here...this is not a battle forum...
this forum is for rappers to post up verse and people to tell them what they have to work and if you liked there verse or not....

KEEP IT ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!
start rapping
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Reply Wed 28 Nov, 2012 05:19 pm
NO ONE...........fine i'll start it...remember not a diss forum...just a cypher

these kids dont even know half of me
i go to school just so they can laugh at me
my angers like a teapot bout to blow it's gasket
you would all stand, and watch me get my ass kicked
god said new life like a question?? but i didn't even ask it
imagine your sister in a body bag, then being thrown in a casket
i remember i asked the devil for a favor
he said only if you see the person you love fall, i asking you not to save her
i'm here to stretch the earth, make it elastic
my life changed in a way that's drastic
my pain is real, my smiles plastic
that's why i don't take jokes or any antic
my life well it is broken
my throat, i'm severely choken
i say i'm indestructible and have no emotion
but where all humans so i guess i was jokin
i did it for me, put my heart into this
i don't care no more go ahead and write a diss
you would destroy the rap cause you can't resist
i'm hurt inside and i say i'm like the exorcist
Mikee Smith
Reply Thu 29 Nov, 2012 07:43 am
I guess I've got one.

They call life a game/But life's not it/Put the gun in your mouth and pull the trigger out that ****/Realize there's no bullets with the sound of a click/Heart starts to feel like a ten ton brick/Yeah it's me and its making me sick/It's breaking my bones like the needles in it/And as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death/I wear my crown of thorns/And pull the knife out my chest/I keep looking for something I never will find/ Maybe it's because I left it behind/I'm stuck with this and that will never change/Always a part of me until I die today/Where do I go from here?/What road do I travel on?/I spent my whole life choosing and I always chose wrong/Will I have the will to be alive?/Will I try because I don't want to die/Lower me in the ground you see/You spent your whole life taking the best of me/
Reply Tue 4 Dec, 2012 09:11 am
@Mikee Smith,
thank you for responding Smile

Enter the void where time slows at incredible rates
and gravity is thrown out casually no sense trying to level your weight
just stay calm and someday
soon maybe you will be heading away
but not now settle & stay
Ive never seen such matter in abundance
I'm looking at it from all angles to figure out how to cause a malfunction
but when gamma rays
hits split the matter and span away
your on your own like a lost child that ran away
Feeling victimized
well what do you think as i sit inside
this prism why does desolation
hit quicker then decimation
when you sit back and realize nobody's coming to address your situation
and the thought of getting complacent isn't even logical
when the possible turned impossible
gone to manifest the mazes
Viral quotes no longer now its just a spiral choke
that succumbs your present thoughts and gets inside your hopes
the void can be invisible
to the eye but never dismissible
to abide when moments become more and more pivotal
to trust the signs Ive been locked in a void but i knew a way out
cause an old man once told me inferior objects have an advantage if you know how they're played out
when every cause has a parallel reaction
i wasn't prepared to dwell with in the faction
so i got in the deepest niche only to burst up to the highest passage
That resides
above where most will ever climb
to fashion
cause eternals are everlastin
but the future is what the mental waits to bask in as i look inside
the paralyzed
i barely find the entrance as the pressure builds and the paradigm gets ready to enclosed fencing
When the void strips your soul
only to unfold
with no affection when time becomes non exististent
the line between your mind that separates our daily lives
from the lies and the fiction
that the illuminate put inside ya mind to scare ya ambition

Twisted Evil dfc....gone
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Casper The Ghost
Reply Tue 4 Dec, 2012 11:27 am
These Rappers O'D Played Out ,
Original Is Me & iOnly Get Paid Out ,
Gucci Frames Upon My Face,
LV Belt Around My Waist,
I Be Doing Me , My Self & I,
This Ghost ;
Is Something Like Shooting Star In The Dah Night Sky,
Im Real Sly, Im Quit Not Shy, Cus I Shoot And Im A Star,
When iSpit iSometimes Take Make It Personal & Take It To Far,
Who Ever Run The Game Now Can Suck My Dick,
Last Night Ur Bitch Was On It,
She Chocked On It,
She Swallowd It,
She Came Back And Put Tht Pussy On It,
So Thick With The Dick ; Oh Wait iGot HotPockets,
So Much Money In These Trues ; Another Rack Dont Fits ....
Reply Sun 16 Dec, 2012 07:44 pm
@Casper The Ghost ,
Aint been on this **** in time, No diss or nothing but feelin ya lyrics but holla back....

yo check it

Last time I was on I was battling a ****-face, talkin trash shoulda inserted a duck-tape//
Past nine got me thinkin i was handeling witha currupt-game although luck-came//
Hip Hop's changed, tryed to maintain my aim still got me shiverin that its a crooks-game//
Too much ego, no superhero i'll admit-that, battlin tryina get a name, spit this and spit-that//
Now i think of it I used to spit-crack, like darg seriously a nigga used to spit-crap//
Dont spit bout where the clips-at, my past openents know im fresher than tick-tacks//
But thats my own visual, rhymes tight come like crisp-packs, haters opress-that//
Murdock aint on a battle thing no more, i adore, support lyrics that benefit the poor//
Take away the M U R K, im the DOC witha hardest hot-rocks, top-notch medicine to cure//
Got me wounderin when I see Little babies, mothers sufferin, then u got a bag of niggas shuffelin, hustlin//
Niggas talkin bout that 9-mm hand-gun bout how they place innocents into a ransom//
Figures dont prevent chromes and magnums but want innocents sprayed at random//
Fake Rappers dont giva ****, they lyrics include pussy,jewlz,money, its funny cause they thank God at BET awards when hittin platnuim//
Reply Mon 17 Dec, 2012 07:29 pm
First come's the love then come's the cash, then niggas behind with straps//
Aim at ya back about to pull and blast, then aim at ya skull fast, quick lines of caps//
Niggas in the hood smoking bud learning to trap, make gaps to make cash//
That's the employer of the month on the block, quick sales of lots//
the privilege of rocks from top noc's to top spots, quick sales on shotts//
Untill getting raided by cops, 1 of 3 niggas visiting their cell a lot//
Systems in place and won't fade or stop cause the systems grown like a cheddar crop//
It wont flop or slop cause it benefits the cops to get promoted//
Thats the hope or if not they want niggas covered in blood soakin more than the ocean//
On the kerb from the block floatin, deep black hole like their soul choked in//
Still niggas mind don't function, they moanin and want a change but still vote-in//
Still the wrong people get chosen, more kids on the block fear about gettin smoked in//
Old folks shook as hell thinking when they gon get theifs inside their property broked-in//
Cause it aint ever gonna change, same **** different day, same page//
Road rages, shots off from close range, mayhem taking place//
Shits waste, it's wasteless, i know niggas who faced death over a bracelet//
Or getting stripped till u changeless or niggas frontin on blunts being laced in//
Time for changin!...
Reply Tue 18 Dec, 2012 09:53 pm
said you havent been on this **** for awhile...sooo thanks for responding and welcome back homie...

this a piece i created...check it


Take a deep breath
Get the Stress off ya chest

Just Take a deep breath you can feel it in your chest [stress]
When each an every step brings you further on the quest
Towards the imminence of death ..A primitive regret
Pressed within your fingerprints lingering with death

Where life gets possessed and then ripped up out your chest
Except not yet, so be calm and dont panic. [Granted]
Your health is in good shape you'll find a way to manage
Sum are feelin stranded from what it is they've been handed
The truth is never candid but others just cant understand it
Using lies, abusing minds.. you might wanna find a bandage
And watch the souls sink [man] theyre so quick to vanish
Like the story were told about the ship of atlantis [Dammit]
Beyond the ocean floor, Times a closing door
As the mind open doors, to those blind to the signs
Will never know the source
...... of course
I Chose to abort and expose what its for
As it remains hidden like the code is in morse
From the god of the north to the thunder of thor

[Death is on board]

Just Take a deep breath you can feel it in your chest [stress]
When each an every step brings you further on the quest
Towards the imminence of death ..A primitive regret
Pressed within your fingerprints lingering with death
Where life gets possessed and then ripped up out your chest
Just dont panic [Granted] ur in good shape
Then you'll find a way to manage
The truth is never candid others just cant understand it
Using lies abusing minds you might need a bandage
Watch souls sink ... so quick to vanish
Sorta like were told about ships of atlantis
Dammit... Does lie beneath the planet
Under the siege of granite
Become the belief weve banished
From religion who preached the theme of heaven
How we telling ppl where the heading
When even the reverend has no idea
If that exactly how its ending
Reply Thu 20 Dec, 2012 06:23 pm
Respect homie and yoo that was tight foreal, lyrics and flow goes in, keep it up mayn!
Reply Thu 20 Dec, 2012 06:55 pm
lol thanks man..i'll keep it up for sure...i'll post a new one
Reply Thu 20 Dec, 2012 06:56 pm
yhhh mayn, imma post 1 some time soon but i'll check urs out when u put it up g iyyt
Reply Thu 20 Dec, 2012 06:58 pm
ight homie......take your time when you read this ight...you dont have to read the whole thing if you want...check it

In two seconds, i'm wrecking precious lieutenant's
Its stupendous.. guess at times Im too hectic
My crew's reck less, a cruel menace
Leaving whole platoon's breathless
No surprise foes, cant distract this focused mind
Stranded ... immobilized
Handed me a cloaked design
.. Posses' shook ..
.. Get karate hooked..
Mushed.. and then thrown up in the donnybrook
Im the forsaken abandoned secret agent
Occupation is to siege the base of operation
Disgrace congregation
So you must assume I'm violent
As I flash the shotty riot.. No pause no silence..
The fight will cost your life.. Kamikaze pilot
When whats more .. is more and whats war .. is war
From the light in dark corridor's Fighting ripping titans
Ignite the horror core as god strikes bolts of Lightning
Slash the axe with a vengeance.. It gets dark
As I elevate an estimate
But no hopes to see the heavens gate
I question its place in space still we tell kids to believe
That its best this way using Lie's to deceive
Why do they try an make us just agree
But once we ask a question they tell us to leave??
Why cant they portray the evidence
A midst the elements I still spit benevolent
Feel the wrath and terror i've formatted these veterans
Your back pedaling.. we forward marching
To do harm and smack some skeletons .. Armed
With sack of medicine, fat .. as.. elephants
Drastic measurements, maxed back on bond's
That spawned a strong sentiment.. Beyond exodus
Feel the gloom as it come's along next to it
Drawn up a testament of lyrical intelligence
Wander the maze .. as I demolish and slay
Because tomorrow isn't quite promised today
Give honor and praise ... Even blindfolded
Still got my hands on the katana blade
Die slow.. eyes closed .. as I clobber on prey
Rob your grave, maraud.. plunder .. conquer & raid
Shock and awe .. Stomp .. Brigades
You can stop and watch me mark your fate
Roaring thunder hear applause from the elder gate
Go towards the bunkers
Or you'll fall out the shelter [wait]
Nope its too late its a helter skelter phase
Blown to smithereens chopping dome's with guillotine's
That will mos def make em spill the beans
The ghetto way .. fulfilling dreams
Your squad's dying.. sparks flying
The screams .. horrifying
Morbid sirens... mortals dying
When ive sorta been provided
The heart of a lion and the eye of an eagle
The largest of giants very violent and evil
Your silent and peaceful best not wage a battle
I'm brolic and lethal you pray up in a chapel
And then crawl in to the fetal
Make plans to radiate your weight scans
So throw on your ray bans now the mind's learning
Rhymes emerging, straight up out the wasteland
Shake hands and pay deficits, slain effortless
Hunger's a constant suffer, each day they're tested wit
The delayed neglected the ability to meet
A connecting bridge, sick kids with exposed ribs
Is that you suppose to live
Approach an obelisk that provoked a spoken script
I potray a messages when these words are like weapon
To a terrorist its how to sub stain excellence
Beyond the day that you perish admit its destined
Smuggle ammo shadowed by the armory
Cosmic waves buried deep so traces dont fall on me
From caves of lethal rage breathe deep
And dont impede on secret ways
The Lies hide beneath a demons place
Darts flying.. spark the iron
Clashed this dark alliance
Spare with tyrants words
Surpass the modern day art and science
Horrifying sounds leave flesh broken
Get a quick indirect hit.. And shiiit
It'll rip the chest open the victim's breaststroking
Head swollen, neck broken climbing to the summit
Only to find a sea of body fluids
As blood Leaks from the stomach, stop he's useless
Preachers try and ward off hordes of demonic forces
Symbolic crosses of orchestrated losses
Overstated wounds just a Novice to a boss kid
This nitwit gone sick ..I hold the mic like a hostage
Im in the breaker room burning haze, Intaking fumes
Of hazardous waste .. as im contemplating views
A monumental truth ... Wronging the heads of youth
Reply Thu 20 Dec, 2012 07:35 pm
In two seconds, i'm wrecking precious lieutenant's
Its stupendous.. guess at times Im too hectic
My crew's reck less, a cruel menace
Leaving whole platoon's breathless

Daymm that was some hard core isshh mayn foreal, iyt check my verse out homie keep bless ya dig

The emperor my state imperial, serial, got all sorts of material the main criminal//
Bust off rivers like minerals, Doc's informing me about how my brains lyrical//
Dont spit no subliminal when stickle, MURDOCK put's words on visual//
It's visible when i hit punclines & spit rhymes that contain syllable's//
Whenever theirs dispute Imma sing it all from my soul and take it spiritual//
Spit it all with metaphors, when it hits you, you'll regrett em all//
Pathetic whores best expect it all & know that i will dead em all//
Ask benjamin when i settle in and kick with adrenaline theres no cure, **** medicine//
Cut your gut, then uncut, bring mice to your deceased body and let em in//
Crush your gut, spill out the blood, bring the mic's from war like veterans//
Get crushed out no doubt like a little bug gettin flushed down//
Bust out, **** five-0, who ever invented them must get the **** out//
Free my people were all trapped in a maze and taught how to behave//
Bussin gold chains, rockin gold plates is the new trend of us being a slave//
But i'll fight back, say it loud in great accent, , take action//
Of fakes acting plastic, Imma fight laughin till the end like im fightin cancer//
Fireing out magnums and handleing macks wrapped in plasters//
Ready for disaster attackin, master assassin come through the door blastin till u spastic//
I dont know what niggas expectin of me?, no veteran g//
But i'd clap em out, stab em now, **** settlin beef//
Reply Thu 20 Dec, 2012 08:05 pm
now that was crazy.. love this verse..dope **** man...i'll post some stuff in a bit
Reply Thu 20 Dec, 2012 08:16 pm
Respect homie, and yhh imma write something up mayn, we shud collab sometime foreal
Reply Thu 20 Dec, 2012 08:59 pm
we should...def
Reply Thu 20 Dec, 2012 09:19 pm
yhh i gott u foreal mayn, i'll inbox u when im down for it iyyt homie
Reply Fri 21 Dec, 2012 10:28 am
ight man...sounds good
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Reply Tue 23 Apr, 2013 06:35 am
Ayo Dfc100 we need work on that collaboration as soon as possible, another verse I written today, check it

I'mma rap addict, hypodermic, where's the dollars at?
Without rap im allergic, you'd get knocked from the top like bottle caps
You rap but whats your purpose?, worthless versus
I recieve good deeds as if I'mma priest that preach at churches
If your nervouss, best come and learn as I speak in service
Electrical human, provides earth heat like electricity circuits
Your lurching to defete, no need for me to speed and bring word's in
Cause when I lock and load, explode you wont be able to feed this burden
I'm more complicated than you think like computer chips
Don't talk hystorical about crucifix, don't flee to conclusion bitch
Im more knowledgable than your whole strip
I think ourside the box, **** being prejudice
**** what you thought, I know more hystory, zeitgist
I'ts enslavement for this nation when peirs are incarcerated
Thrown in a box, locked looking at pavements without giving statements
**** guards that protect prisons, **** the system i'll assassinate it
I run around, run about to accomplish my mission
No need for permission like communism, I just can't resist it
I can split you in minutes and feed your ansesters left over organisms for dinner
Reply Tue 23 Apr, 2013 01:52 pm
dope ****

I'm more complicated than you think like computer chips
Don't talk hystorical about crucifix, don't flee to conclusion bitch

love that line
check it

life itself is an inspiration, everyday its a struggle
overcome an obstacle, it takes a rock for you to stumble
a nightmare like plummeting balance sheets
a demon throwin people off balconies
dead now, humble in my presence i bet now he sees
those that turned on me, burns to the third degree
haven't seen the marks, step into my hearse and see
since my bodies gone, my soul wonders nervously
its a living hell, but its where i'm suppose to be
blocking out my friends and those close to me
they knocked me down, but i can take the hard hits
click click boom, take this bullet to the heart sis
all it takes is one word to spark the darkness
bending peoples spines, turn them into arches
hiding up high in my fortress
a bunch of dark forces, forcing divorces
men with no heads riding horses
kidnapping people from there porches
throw them into darkness surrounding torches
we could go out killing but we just force kids
you cant see the evil in someones eyes unless you look closely
mostly, the evil is with the people that are lonely
these are my thoughts, that beat me lifeless
well there like this, its just my example of what life is

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