do you know why or what you are created for?

Reply Fri 9 Nov, 2012 09:05 am
u r such perversion of inferiority with ur tree, u r meanin a word repeated so often in dirt as superior source to anything u could give of ur present to look in good shape as ur house

as if anyone readin those lousy sentences would appreciate being itself intelligent to get ur means or add u as his friend knowin ur intimate thoughts and ways of pretendin being a laffiche or on the first page piece of **** becomin stars

Reply Sat 22 Dec, 2012 05:10 am
Imans, how do you intend to gain a brother with expressions of spite and hatred? Do you represent your faith with such words?
mark noble
Reply Sat 22 Dec, 2012 07:13 am
WHERE IS THE "REPLY TO ALL" function?.........argggggggggh

Ok, Is there a purpose/meaning to existence?

Firstly: Define 'EXISTENCE"
My definition is; THAT which 'Exists'....meaning='EVERYTHING.

New question: Is there a purpose/meaning to 'Everything'?
Answer: YES.
Other answer: NO.

Want the true answer to this question?

You only perceive via 'you' and will apply only 'your' directive, so why are you asking others.......verification?

YOU know the answer "Smiley", as did I when I was you.
But, even though the question is subjective....the answer is not.
Reply Sat 22 Dec, 2012 02:55 pm
gain a brother urself, when someone is true then he deals exclusively with what is true and whoever truly is without havin to keep in mind anything so the mind would b functionable as a mind of its own existence realisation so true mind

when u mean to gain someone u dont call it brother to sound glamourous

gainin someone is like enslavin another is like abusin rights is like liars drives is like despise to else is like evil hatred to own true fact etc etc...
in truth there is no notion of gains, what is there is what exist is fact being, u cant gain from what is constant as u cant gain from being urself
what is constant is constantly more in need to stay constant

that is how the notion of gain belong only to relative wills out of mortal existence, so for what is never true what is never always

but even a human conscious can respect truth that it would force itself to b true the maximum possible, u cant being respectin truly truth unless u r a bit definitely objectively to urself true

as also a human mind can prove being brave in refusin consciously to lie before what it knows being true or objectively existing in same dimension

so that is why u mean creations n reasons for ur creations so creations would b no doubt endless facts
there is no creations liars
Reply Sat 22 Dec, 2012 06:56 pm
Creation has nothing to do with existence, all love and hope are dreams upon the soul of man, that soul receives them not if that soul is in state of flux.

Flux remains the tangeable longevity of your strive to seek covert aquisition of a truth below your proven knowledge, endgame is not gain, endgame is life.

Remove the stars from the eyes of man.. A box shall thee receive.
Which you reside in now.

Fouls upon you are not my design, I often seek the termination of those forces which torture me for your protection.
Reply Sat 22 Dec, 2012 07:22 pm
abouebn wrote:
Everything is meant to perform something.
Can u prove that??

" Meant" by whom ?

Please explain.

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Reply Sun 23 Dec, 2012 05:16 pm
creation are all about existence and to even its own self existence to create piece of most pervert liar free that might exist in this forum

wether u hate it or deny it doesnt matter it is an objective fact anywhere that whatever u create makes u existing at least so there is no way u can separate by usin words creations from existence

in truth there is no time it is the same always if u mean anything being for a while u become then forever what that thing is as existing u, truth dont care about what u say or mean truth is noone moron
that is how u r even what u eat since u can b by doing nothing but eating and this forever go eat urself that is surely why u have that obsessive image to see others in a box, it is ur end seen since it is gonna b forever u in a box

Reply Mon 24 Dec, 2012 11:43 am
@mark noble,
A "reply to all": The term "creation" in no way describes the process by which we came into being. We were not "constructed"; we "emerged" by means of mysterious processes grossly and partially described by the natural sciences.
Reply Mon 24 Dec, 2012 03:10 pm
look body u rnt qualify as a creation to define that term, u have to b objective about it

but in all obvious evidence, creation is a reversed reaction, so inherently never related to smthg true
that is how u call science to protect ur means, while everyone knows what u mean by sciences exactly, that knowledge to use things for relative abusive profits through the exclusive way of forcin the deformation of anything prior to claim possessin its construction since originally killed

it is easy, u mean that u reach from reversin all to claim else existence being real creations
no it cant work, when reverse is possible then u can still say the truth by reversin infinitly other way too all ways we can also make some equations of different reverse that u cant ever guess while stayin in truth known, bc we are intelligent and u r not
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Reply Mon 24 Dec, 2012 09:46 pm
Life as constructed from base particles before awareness exists, may be true, but I cannot see how acts in my childhood, that I no longer commit, make me 'be' something today... I think you hide like a rodent and are hyper vigilant, though you are right, that it takes a deal of 'lack of life' to bother outing the truth, otherwise one moves on..

People who make mistakes are deemed worthless by you.. and yet you remain quite clearly 'of mistakes' your self, even if not, only stillness will ensure your safety from the future.

"It is commonly believed therefore is definitely true." Is the very reason that wars happen, grow up.

Whatever happens in your life makes you 'that thing' ..
Is a silly way to live your life, you probably get quite depressed about things.

Words are merely words in existence, agreed, but one must communicate something or people make a mockery of the place in entirety.

In truth there is no rehabilitation at all to you, meaning murderers loose reading your attitude would likely pop and never change. Choice is everyone's. Every moment.

Truth does not care about what I say or mean, your right I suppose about that, though how what you think is true about people you never met.. And how it becomes 'the truth' is beyond almost everyone here..

You think I wish people dead?.. Well I suppose I do not worry about it, though that is hardly wishing them dead.

The long and the short of it is, whatever is happening here, whatever is going on.. I personally am not your enemy, you would be welcome in another life to sit with me in peace... I do not obsess your end at all, I promise you, on my entire families existence. I have a great anger potential within me which appears to seek out those targets you fear or dislike at times... I cannot however, prove that, with words.
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Reply Tue 25 Dec, 2012 07:00 pm
With respect Imans

To Gain, is in no way enslavement unless you intend it to be so. It is a term used in holy writings to bring one about a righteous understanding, that he may not perish, however you believe that may be so.

do you say that no man can be gained? Or that no man is worthy of being gained?
Can truth not be taught or sought out? can it not be convinced or debated? How does one know that he has truth unless he tests it against perceptions that differ from his own?
How can imperfect man obtain perfect truth?

Are you true Imans? do you hold perfect truth?

Someone once told me, no man is unmoveable with regards to what truth truth is, however each will negotiate his own terms. (he was not a religious man, but he made a lot of sense)

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