Is it possible to prove the existence of a loving God?

Reply Mon 17 Aug, 2015 11:26 pm
God may not even possess the emotion of love. We might love what God does for us, but that doesn't then mean God itself loves us, or even knows what love is. If God possesses the capacity to love that'd be evident in creation, but the exact opposite seems to be the case. If a being can love, it can exhibit other emotions too and not all of the ones we know of are positive. There's good arguements for a loving deity wouldn't be very good, and a being devoid of emotions would be better.

I'm sure love is not the only emotion God has. And yes, he is a hard ass. Life here is a meat grinder and God is willing to consider human life expendable in the furtherance of his goals. These things are obvious. Doesn't mean he doesn't exist, just makes me want to know what it it that makes it all worthwhile.
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