Any suggestions/help is greatly appreciated.

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Hello, not quite sure if I'm posting this in the right forum have never posted before. I was wondering if I could get some opinions from other folks out there perhaps some of you have had similar problems. I recently just turned 21. Ive had problems with my neck and back for as long as I can remember, since i was little. Don't know why just have. I get several symptoms that come and go. Sometimes reoccurring in the same spot sometimes not. The neck and back pain are always there as are the joints and bones cracking. I can move just a little bit and there will be loud cracking noises that can be heard by friends and family from across the room. It is sometimes quite painful. There's been times my jaw gets so stiff I cannot get relief. Some other things that have occurred are nausea, extremely dizzy, very tired, pressure in my head and ears, swollen glands in my neck/jaw area,  irregular periods usually extremely heavy and long, sometimes periods are very out of the norm,  random weight gain and losses and I don't know why I don't change any habits it just is happening on it's own, my hands and feet are always ice cold and painful yet the rest of my body can feel like its burning up at times, there's been times everything will be fine and then all of a sudden it feels as if I've broken my arm or pelvis,etc.( I know how this feels as I have broken bones before) it doesn't last though the pain will eventually subside and go away. I feel as if my whole body is deteriorating. I do not have insurance and am not a big fan of doctors. Therefore I do not go often last time I went to a doctor was earlier this year when I was having problems with my lymph nodes in my neck. They were so swelled up I could not swallow. I could not eat or drink I lost 10 lbs in 2 days. I felt fine though i did not feel sick. My mom never says go to the doctor.we are the kind of people that just suck it up and let things be. When I had come down the stairs that morning she could see my neck was severely swollen and immediately called around to get me in to the doctors.  Because I do not have insurance they wouldn't take me until the next day. So I went and got numbing throat sprays that the pharmacy recommended and the swelling came down a little. The next day I went In and the nurse and doctor and I quote stated your lymph nodes and tonsils are severely swollen and red. We don't know how your breathing as good as you are. I guess there had been an out break of mono in the area so the doctor automatically said because of my age and given description  of what the nurse had given him that I had mono before he even looked at me. I was quite offended by this and said that can't be right could it possibly be strept throat? It doesn't feel like it but that would make more sense. He said no its mono. So he filled out a prescription I went and picked it up and about two days later the nurse called and said she called me as soon as results came back. She said the results were negative for both step and mono. I said well If it isn't either of those than what could it be as my neck is still swollen. She said that the doctor had said it is prolly nothing your fine it's just a virus of some kind. The nurse had been nice all along with me but I was quite miffed with the doctor. Last time I was at a doctor before that was roughly 6-7 years ago for a check up which is the only full exam I've ever had. And not sure if this counts as a check up I went and had blood drawn about 2 months ago my friends and family insisted on it as they were positive I was pregnant and so was the women's baby  center help clinic as the urine test were negative but I had every symptom in the book. The blood test came back negative.  I don't understand what is going on with my body. It is so baffling at times and there are times I am in so much pain I wish there was an explanation even a very bad one just so I know I'm not going crazy. I'm at my wits end I don't know what to do. I don't have money to go to doctors to have them incorrectly and wrongly imply things.  It is also awkward going in and talking to a nurse and or doctor as i feel as if I am whining and rambling things off left and right. I feel like a little kid when I sit in the rooms talking with them. I have no allergies, no asthma, not allergic to anything. My grandmas on both my parents sides were diagnosed with cancer. My grandma on my dads side had breast cancer my grandma on my moms side was recently diagnosed stage 4 lung cancer, neck and throat cancer and all surrounding lymph nodes. My mom  recently found out two arteries in her neck are almost  completely closed but not with plaque,  they are being pinch closed. So she will have to have surgery. My dad had plaque in his arteries and has had a heart attack. His family on his side has had a lot of heart and diabetes etc. My blood pressure is fine. No diabetes. I am a very active healthy person minus these problems I've been having. I don't understand why and it really is interfering with my every day life. Can someone please help me? Could it be a cyst or, thyroid problem? Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Sorry for jumping around so much I was just trying to cover everything that has been happening. Thank you for taking time to read this, again any help at all will be greatly appreciated,
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Reply Mon 8 Oct, 2012 10:59 am
Indeed sorry for your condition Jas but you might consider condensing and paragraphing

It even helps to space between paras
Reply Tue 9 Oct, 2012 03:52 am
i am very sad to hear the condition and i suggest to you to care for your health and not to those activities perform who to effect your health,
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