Letting hair go gray after coloring

Green Witch
Reply Sun 14 Oct, 2012 08:29 pm
Hmmm...and maybe some Photoshop. I think they lengthened her neck in the 2nd photo and filtered her face. The most recent photo is au natural.
Reply Sun 14 Oct, 2012 08:30 pm
@Green Witch,
I never thought I'd see the day that roseanne was a fashion maven...
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Reply Mon 15 Oct, 2012 06:06 am
@Green Witch,
Green Witch wrote:

I don't think we should spend great amounts of time and money on our vanity, but a little does tend to make us feel better. I've seen 95 year old women in assisted living centers put on lipstick before going down to lunch and I thought "why the heck not, if it makes them happy?".

......Most people don't care if a 50 plus woman is gray or dyed, only that woman (and maybe her husband) really care. I decided a decade ago that the type of beauty our society admires is only obtainable for the very young and at some point either you do the vanity stuff just for fun or let nature do her thing to you . I think the best solution is to find ones own happy balance between flowing with it and working with it.

Yeah, yeah, this is exactly it.

I want to flow with my age, I don't want to battle it....but I also want to work with what I've got.

Body is a temple and all that. The temple needs upkeep.
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