Hi, I want to learn drawing techinc

Reply Sun 29 Feb, 2004 10:26 pm
But how to properly start it?

My goal: can exactly or precisely draw out a person's head portrait with pencil (or probably with computer)
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Portal Star
Reply Mon 1 Mar, 2004 07:24 am
It would probably help you to do a bunch of really quick sketches - studies - first. Working life-sized might also help (because everything will be in the same proportions.) What medium do you want to use? (charcoal, pencil, ink, colored pencil...)

As a general rule of proportion on the human face, the eyes are about one eye's width apart and the pupils line up with the corners of the mouth. The eyes are about in the middle of the head.

Draw from life - either get someone to hold still for you, or draw yourself.
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Reply Mon 1 Mar, 2004 08:23 am
oristarA wrote:
...(or probably with computer)

If you wanna draw using a computer you will NEED a tablet mouse. But even then you'll create more natural-looking art using pencil & paper, but you can always scan a drawing then touch it up on computer.

If you're interested in drawing or animating humans using 3D graphics, I'd highly recommend Creative Labs' Poser 5 (relatively simple, yet powerful). It's used to create graphics like this, this or this (note: those may have been touched up using an image editing program such as Photoshop after being rendered in Poser).
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Reply Tue 2 Mar, 2004 01:47 pm
Thanks Portal Star and Monger.

I think the first step is to grasp the basic skill of drawing quick sketches with charcoal or pencil. Is there any link on the net to this kind of stuff?
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Portal Star
Reply Tue 2 Mar, 2004 06:07 pm
oristarA wrote:
Thanks Portal Star and Monger.

I think the first step is to grasp the basic skill of drawing quick sketches with charcoal or pencil. Is there any link on the net to this kind of stuff?

I don't know of anything on the net but my favorite basic book on drawing (complete with lesson plans) is:
Drawing on the right side of the Brain

There are others like "The natural way to draw" and a variety of intro to drawing books.

You also will probably want to consult a human anatomy book for artists - it helps to know the underlying structure and how it influences the appearance of the face.

Doing master copies of portraits you like will also help.

The most important thing of all is drawing. When you don't know how to draw somthing, simply look - the answers are all there in your subject (this is why you should draw from life.)
If you have never drawn before you should probably start with the basics of light and shadow on different shapes - sphere, cube, cylinder, cone. Then do some still lifes then some self portraits and portraiture.
Make yourself work life-sized or larger and use good paper (not crayola anything... You will probably want to start with a large newsprint pad and vine charcoal - also an 8 x 10 nice sketchpad for sketching in with pencil)

If you want to do the entire figure, you can study sculpture (the same for busts) or find a local figure drawing group - they usually charge about $5 per drawing session.
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Reply Tue 9 Mar, 2004 11:02 pm
I do alot of art, if you want to get good then watch someone from your family foing everyday things and practice drawing them. If it dosn't look exactly like them, then either try again, go with it or try making up people to draw.

A good way to practice is when your "model" is watching TV. They won't move alot and you can practice drawing their face, the folds in their clothes, etc.

Once you get good, draw lots. This will help you get better and you can look back on your old stuff and see what you did wrong and how to prevent it from happening again.
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