How to handle unprofessional obnoxious mortgage broker

Reply Wed 11 Jul, 2012 10:55 am
Glad about your children and the neighborhood/house, etc. That's what happened with me when we moved to Chicago as I was about to turn nine. A whole new world in a good way.

Looks like Bozo kept it up until the end.
Reply Wed 11 Jul, 2012 11:08 am
Thanks all - the thing is we had so many great people we did work with. Our real estate agent was incredible. He was so level headed and was able to assist and went out of his way to gather things for us when lawyer and/or mortgage company didn't have something. He told me he was talking with bozo (I wouldn't - I'd only deal with his boss after that). The real estate agent said he could tell bozo was a bit worried when I went over his head.

The insurance company rep was great too - she processed herwork as much as she could over the weekend and even though she wasn't in until late on Monday, made sure that she had people helping and rushing the info the mortgage company wanted.

The appliance store was also great. They were delivering as we signed papers. My husband for some reason locked the door (now this house according to the previous owner had never been locked in 30 years). My mom and brother were there when the appliance guys delivered - my husband out of habit (even knowing they were all showing up) locked the door and took the only one key. My mom found an open window and was going to have my daughter climb in, but one of the appliance guys climbed in the window and opened the door.

Just hope they are as honest as they are helpful - in any case we will utilize those window stops.
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Reply Wed 11 Jul, 2012 03:03 pm
@Joe Nation,
Thank you, Joe, I forgot which airline it was - they all are lousy!
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Reply Wed 2 Apr, 2014 08:00 pm
Wow! I am not surprised but what I just read. Too bad I'm two years late! First off, I hate the broker was rude. He should have NEVER copied you on am email with the underwriters contact info included. It's a strict violation within much if the lending industry to prohibit direct contact between underwriters and borrowers. VERY strict. The broker or processor should be the liaison. Also, handing a document over doesn't mean approval. The underwriter has to review each document with a fine tooth comb so it's often impossible for the broker to tell you if anything else is needed prior to the underwriter reviewing the last submitted documents. And then it's not just a wick "scan you are good"! Thorough calculations, research with government, appraisal, and county offices have to all be conducted for various documents from beginning to end. It's not as simple as it seems with government guidelines. The broker could have provided more clarity, for sure. His delivery was bad, but his messages were indeed accurate.
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