O J Simpson murder trial revisited

Reply Tue 12 Jun, 2012 02:48 pm
Jun 12, 1994:
Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman murdered

The evidence against Simpson was extensive: His blood was found at the murder scene; blood, hair, and fibers from Brown and Goldman were found in Simpson's car and at his home; one of his gloves was also found in Brown's home, the other outside his own house; and bloody shoe prints found at the scene matched those of shoes owned by Simpson.


O J Bloody shoe prints at the crime scene, but no traces of blood on the brake peddle, floor, and accelerator pedal in his bronco, he was supposed to have driven away in. As for his bloody gloves, they didn't fit – too small -- not guilty.
Joe Nation
Reply Tue 12 Jun, 2012 03:26 pm
With the Hubble Space Telescope we are now able to gaze 4.6 billion lightyears into the universe and see with stunning detail the farthest galaxy clusters.
If they ever decide to turn the telescope around, you might be able to use it to see the size of my interest in OJ Simpson.

Lustig Andrei
Reply Tue 12 Jun, 2012 04:11 pm
@Joe Nation,
AP story this morning, Joe, says that a group of Japanese astronomers, using the very powerful telescopes on top of Mauna Kea here on the Island of Hawaii, say they have discovered the world's oldest galaxy, a conglomerate of celestial bodies that was formed 12.91 billion light years ago. (There are those, of course, who contend that "their" galaxies are even older.) Fascinating part of all this, of course, is that we have no way of knowing whether this galaxy still exists or whether it went super-nova several billion earth-years ago. No way to tell until the light reaches us.

Isn't space/time a fascinating subject? Do you remember, btw, that a jury in California founf O.J. Simpson not guilty back about 16 or 17 years ago?

What else is new?
Joe Nation
Reply Wed 13 Jun, 2012 08:10 am
@Lustig Andrei,
Yep, all we know it that every galaxy we do see is running like thunder away from us. Astrophysics spend their time trying to determine two numbers: How fast are they going and How fast is that speed slowing down?

12.91 Billion Light Years away; what fascinating to me is that it's just been one hundred years since we (or more correctly, Vesto Slipherhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vesto_Slipher ) figured out that there were galaxies beyond our own Milky Way.
Try to get your head around that.
Until 1914, we thought the Milky Way was the whole Universe.

Yes, a jury found OJ not guilty all those many years ago, and yet, and yet, no on has been able to find the real killers.

Joe(they are hiding somewhere in the expanding Universe)Nation
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Reply Wed 13 Jun, 2012 08:32 am
In the end, he didn't have enough Karma to bite the bullet - thus he's at least incarcerated now!
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