Batman vs Ironman

Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2012 01:47 pm
Who is your favorite and why?

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Val Killmore
Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2012 02:07 pm
@Val Killmore,
Ya, I need to spice up things a bit!

We need a nerd war going on in this slow a2k forum.

I'll get you started with why Batman is better than Iron man.


Batman: As Bruce Wayne, Batman owns Wayne Enterprises. Wayne Enterprises is a major private technology firm that makes billions in profits. Did I mention that Bruce Wayne has a butler?
Ironman: As Tony Stark, Ironman owns Stark Enterprises. Stark Enterprises makes weapons and sells them to people. Starks Enterprise is a struggling company that is public. He doesn’t even have a butler.
Winner: Batman. Tony Stark is the shareholders’ bitch. Bruce Wayne answers to no one. Batman is like Googlge. Ironman is like Lycos or AltaVista. In fact, Wayne Enterprises could buy Starks Enterprises without even causing a dent in Bruce Wayne’s pocket.

Batman: as a child, Bruce Wayne watches his parents gunned down in a hail of bullets by a madman. In front of him!! Filled with rage and anger, he turns to bats and learns martial arts. He then proceeds to kick everybody’s ass! Good or Evil, he doesn’t care. Batman will kick your ass!
Ironman: Tony Starks is a nerd that inherits his dad’s company. While in a warzone, He gets himself captured by the enemy and is almost killed. He then builds a suit to help him kick the ass of his captors. And he doesn’t even build the suit by himself….
Winner: Batman! rage and anger turning a human into a bat is too cool to ignore.

Batman: You name it, batman has invented it. He’s got hundreds of Batsuits and Batmobiles. Hell, he even has his own Iron Batsuit which is probably better than Ironman’s. Plus he’s got a kickass utility belt.
Ironman: As Iron Man, Tony Stark possesses a powered armor that gives him superhuman strength and durability, flight, and an array of weapons. Stark has developed several specialized Ironman suits for space travel, deep-sea diving, stealth and other situations.
Winner: Batman. He’s got the utility belt..

Batman: Bruce Wayne is a billionaire playboy. Evry girl wants to be with him and every guy wants to be him.
Ironman: Tony Stark is an alcoholic.
Winner: Bruce Wayne. He could steal your girlfriend. And you wouldn’t even be mad. You would be so happy that Bruce Wayne chose your girlfriend.

Batman: Unlike the other superheroes, Batman uses his intellect, detective skills, science and technology to defeat his enemies. Rather than simply outfighting his opponents, Batman often uses cunning and planning to outwit them. Batman is physically at the peak of human ability in dozens of areas, notably martial arts, acrobatics, strength, and escape artistry. Intellectually, he is just as peerless.
Ironman: Ironman is a walking tank that pulverizes everything in his path.
Winner: Batman. Although a walking tank is really cool, being the peak of human ability is better…

Batman: He’s got a friggin Bat on his chest!
Ironman: He’s got a friggin laser cannon on his chest.
Winner: They are both winners. We should combine both costumes to form a bat-shaped laser cannon.

Other Cool Factors:
Batman: He’s got the Bat-signal. When the cops need help, they call Batman
Ironman: There is no Iron-signal
Winner: Batman and the Bat-signal.

Batman would win because he actually does have batsuits that are equivalent or even better than Ironman’s. And yes Batman would use it because he KNOWS the capabilities of Ironman’s suit, so Batman’s Ironsuit vs Stark’s Ironsuit…well, Batman is always prepared, so he’d make even more mods for his batsuit, then take his mastery in martial arts into consideration vs an alcoholic, and Batman wins the day.

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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2012 02:43 pm
@Val Killmore,
Two insufferable egomaniacs. One has a bad attitude, hides in a cave, lives with a butler, is surrounded by obsessive women, boys, villains and police and only comes out at night. The other likes to party, has a hot girlfriend, is surrounded by high tech toys and couldn't be judgmental even if he wanted to: Iron Man wins.
Lustig Andrei
Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2012 02:47 pm
@Val Killmore,
Would you believe that until this thread came along, I had never even heard of Iron Man? Batman rocks, of course.


Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2012 02:51 pm
@Lustig Andrei,
Nerd, Fail Wink
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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2012 03:02 pm
prior to the relaunch of the DC line of comics, and while Bruce Wayne was dead (actually lost in time), i quite enjoyed Dick Grayson (the original Robin) as Batman and Damian Wayne (Bruce's son with Talia al Ghul, and thus the grandson of Batman villain Ra's al Ghul) as Robin
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Val Killmore
Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2012 03:04 pm
Batman paid for the Justice League base, a tower orbiting the earth. He paid for it with a small line item in Wayne Industries budget. Wayne Industries is in everything... pharmaceutical research, mining, weapons design, electronic design, bio-engineering, etc etc

Tony has only one lady, while Bruce is the ladies man, he can't pick, cause, well, you try to pick from the options given!

I mean if you have a choice to pick a life to live, Bruce is the easy choice.
Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2012 03:06 pm
as for Iron Man, never really got into him, i do, however, like his portrayal in the Ultimate Comics line
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Lustig Andrei
Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2012 03:09 pm
@Val Killmore,
Val Killmore wrote:
I mean if you have a choice to pick a life to live, Bruce is the easy choice.

Yup. No question.
Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2012 04:46 pm
@Lustig Andrei,
Patient BW, DOB 2/16/1971

Patient: Wayne, Bruce

DOB: 2/16/1971

Occupation: Industrialist

Insurance: Self-pay

Emergency Contact: Dick Grayson, XXX-269-9637

Interval History: Patient was seen for his last annual physical approximately one year ago. Since that time he has had numerous visits for acute illnesses or injuries, generally accompanied either by his companion Mr. Grayson or Alfred, a senior member of his household staff. These recent maladies appear to be in keeping with the pattern that has emerged over the past several years, in which significant medical problems are associated with odd or incongruous explanations. Most recently, patient was seen for numerous areas of lower extremity cutaneous blistering, erythema and thickening, consistent with moderate to severe frostbite. Patient had reportedly gotten lost while camping in the mountains, but could not account for how he had sustained these injuries in mid-August.

Past Medical History: As stated, patient has a somewhat lengthy and complicated medical history, best summarized by system –

Orthopedic: By far the greatest contributor to patient's ongoing morbidity are his multiple and seemingly ceaseless musculoskeletal injuries. The most significant of these was sustained several years ago, when he was rushed to GCGH with several fractures of his lumbar vertebrae, reportedly after falling while rappelling. Skeletal series obtained at that time revealed numerous (>20) areas of orthopedic injury in various states of healing, which could not be fully explained by recent fall, including areas of all extremities and many ribs; confirmatory bone scan similarly showed many areas of increased uptake. Patient's robust stature is not consistent with osteogenesis imperfecta, and skin biopsy was negative for abnormal collagen and P3H1 or CRTAP genetic defects. Malignancy was suspected, but eventually ruled out following oncology consultation. Patient explained most of these (and most subsequent) injuries as being the result of membership in a private and apparently quite intense mixed martial arts club. Patient has denied being the victim of domestic abuse by Mr. Grayson following indirect and direct questioning on numerous occasions.

Neurologic: Patient has been evaluated numerous times over the past several years with complaints of headache, blurry vision, memory deficits, nausea and emotional lability. As with above injuries, most of these symptoms occur following some blow to the head during MMA sparring or competition, and were diagnosed as consistent with concussion. (Patient reports that the club frowns upon protective headgear, a stand with which he seemingly complies despite numerous exhortations to do otherwise.) Following the third such episode, patient was referred to neurology due to significant concern about second-impact syndrome. While no gray matter changes in the cingulate gyrus or white matter hyperintensities were noted on magnetic resonance imaging, given history and known risk factors neurology has recommended MRI to be repeated every two years, and they are arranging for diffusion tensor imaging in the near future.

Allergic: Earlier this year, patient was again rushed to GCGH for what appeared to be severe anaphylaxis, with marked angioedema of the face and hands, and widespread urticaria. After administration of high-dose IV Solu-Medrol, patient's angioedema resolved sufficiently for him to report "tripping into a bunch of weeds" while hiking, and he eventually left the emergency department against medical advice. On outpatient follow-up, patient was referred for urgent allergy testing given the severity of his reaction. Skin-prick testing was negative for all food allergies, but was markedly and instantly positive in reaction to all plant allergens, such that a dose of IM Decadron was administered by allergist in the office. Despite was appears to be an extraordinary hypersensitivity to phytochemicals, patient has had no further symptoms following the one episode.

Psychiatric: During most visits, patient displays a somewhat somber and flat affect. Numerous inquiries into his mood yield answers that it is "just fine," followed by requests to change the topic of questioning. While dysthymia or frank depression is suspected (particularly considering patient's voluntary participation in flagrantly harmful recreational activities), patient seems to have avoided any major depressive episodes. More worrisome was an episode about a year and a half ago, during which patient appeared to have a psychotic break. On arrival at GCGH, patient was found to be suffering from vivid, terrifying hallucinations, rendering him essentially incoherent and requiring high doses of both benzodiazepines and haloperidol to abate. After regaining consciousness several hours later, patient stated that the "stress of [his] job" had gotten to him. He vehemently refused evaluation by Arkham consulting psychiatrist, and eventually left the ED AMA.

Social History: Patient denies smoking, drinking or taking any illegal controlled substances. He resides with Mr. Grayson, reportedly without romantic involvement. Diet consists largely of meals prepared by private household cooking staff. He reports serially monogamous sexual relationships with female partners. When asked, he states that he "usually has proper equipment," which is interpreted to mean that condoms are used for contraception and STI prevention.

Family History: Both parents deceased (homicide). Generally assumed to be non-contributory

Physical exam:

Temp 98.7, HR 60, RR 12, BP 113/68

General – well-nourished, well-appearing adult male in NAD; alert, oriented, cooperative

Skin – confluent, symmetrical, faintly erythematous rash extending from anterior hairline onto malar region ("from the hazmat mask they make me wear when I visit the lab"); four linear, well-healed lacerations on left pectoral ("fencing accident"). Numerous ecchymotic areas in various stages of healing

HEENT – small area of firm edema on the left occiput, c/w contusion. PERRLA, EOMI. TMs grossly intact bilat. Nares patent. Oropharynx normal. Good dentition, with evidence of repaired trauma

Chest – CTAB

CV – RRR without murmur. Radial, femoral pulses +2/4

Abd – soft, NTND, no HSM, + BS x 4.

Ext – well-defined (borderline hypertrophic) musculature. Limited active ROM in shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, consistent with healing contusion/sprain or overuse injuries in numerous joints. Normal tone, strength UE/LE bilat.

Neuro – CN 2-12 grossly intact. ? faint resting tremor. FTN intact, no dysdiadokinesia. DTR +2/4 at patella, Achilles. Gait normal. Refuses MMS exam ("I have an aversion to riddles.")

Psych – well-groomed, pleasant and conversational. A & O x3. Affect somewhat flat (baseline, as stated above)

Assessment/Plan - 40-year-old male with complicated past medical history as noted. Generally normal exam, excepting the following:

Rash - Patient advised that mask seems to be causing an irritant rash, and advised him to have lab personnel fit him with another, less occlusive size.

Resting tremor - Given risk factors stated above, there is some concern about early Parkinsonism. Will contact patient's neurologist to have next follow-up appointment moved up.

Joint stiffness - As with previous visits, patient was advised to consider recreational activities that carry less risk of ongoing physical injury, or at very least allow himself to heal fully from previous trauma before returning to participation. Given the apparently quite aggressive tendencies of patient's MMA club, advised him that almost any other activity he might choose is likely to confer less risk of ongoing morbidity (or even mortality). Patient responded to this advice with his usual polite indifference.

Looking more globally, there is some concern that there is an underlying illness that accounts for some of patient's extensive symptomatology. Discussed with patient that there may be some obscure syndrome that includes brittle bones, but also propensity for severe hypersensitivity, psychiatric symptoms and skin damage. Advised him that many journals publish reports of puzzling cases, which may allow other physicians to comment helpfully about treatments or diagnoses that might be pertinent. Patient politely but emphatically refuses consent for such publication at this time.

Advised patient to limit stress, continue with (hopefully more benign form of) physical activity, continue with healthy diet. Flu shot administered. Planned follow-up in one year, sooner as needed.

(Note to clerical staff - please exclude the following note if there are future record requests. An alternate explanation, more plausible than the histories associated with many of patient's injuries, is a series of industrial mishaps. As head of Wayne Enterprises, patient presumably takes a very active role in the company's various subsidiary R&D departments. These subsidiaries include biotech, chemical and numerous other firms that traffic in hazardous materials. One might infer that some of patient's more extreme medical problems stem from exposure to these hazards while taking a hands-on approach to running his company. There are a few understandable reasons that patient might wish to keep the true nature of his injuries private, despite assurances of medical confidentiality given that leaks of this information might undermine confidence in his company's governance or alternatively might jeopardize secret government contracts. While it is somewhat regrettable that patient does not feel comfortable revealing the true nature of these injuries and exposures, it is nevertheless understandable.)

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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2012 04:54 pm
@Val Killmore,
Why is Batgirl upset? She's a lesbian, isn't she?

Maybe she's got a crush on Harley.
Val Killmore
Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2012 06:09 pm
Ya, that's funny that you mentioned it though, only true batman fans who has kept up with the modern comics will catch that!
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Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2012 07:13 pm
Batwoman is a lesbian, Batgirl (at least the newest incarnation) is once again Barbara Gordon, Commissioner Gordon's daughter

somehow in the reset of the DC universe she got unparalyzed
Val Killmore
Reply Mon 4 Jun, 2012 07:50 pm
Wow it's bat girl in the picture isn't it, not bat woman!
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Val Killmore
Reply Tue 5 Jun, 2012 10:07 am
I blame all my confusion for a red haired Batwoman AND Batgirl in the reboot.

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Reply Wed 6 Jun, 2012 09:42 am
@Lustig Andrei,
Batman is cool, but If you have to pick some one from the DC universe, pick a demi God.

Dr. Manhattan.

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Reply Wed 10 Oct, 2012 10:03 pm
I like batman a lot, starting with the batsuit, to all his bat vehicles, and everthing about him. The total package.
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Reply Sun 3 Nov, 2013 05:10 pm
@Val Killmore,
Heroes and villains have always fascinated people. The Green Lantern is a heroic guy who wears a green suit; the Riddler, Ra's al Ghul, and Poison Ivy are three ominous villains who also wear green suits --- so it is very entertaining to compare them and analyze the psyche superhuman metaphors of the color green. This is what gives comic books nice flavor.

Batman and Iron Man are both intriguing. Batman tackles criminally insane villains and thus represents natural anxieties about perception. Iron Man wears an impressive iron armor suit and can fly and thus reflects a curiosity about tool sophistication.

Even though Iron Man is an avatar that can be referenced in discussions about technology and scientific ambition, I prefer the comic books of Batman since his character best captures general curiosities about psychiatry scales.
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