rap battle for newbies

Reply Mon 3 Jun, 2013 10:13 am
I've been on neverending longer than you
Ands I rotted at you since I got in the room
Not a rookie? Looky, I'm gonna get ya ripping spitting
Gripping like I'm fitting, nah pull it back and fire
Live wire, electrocute! Execute! I'm higher than a sky fire
Die sire, shred it through! Next is you! I'm a replyer a complyer
So don't go too close, you know I'll blow yo nose
With a double barrel no care or nothin
Huffin and puffin rising high makin dough, muffin
Stuffin yo face, fatass guttin for grace
When your gut is so large you crush when embraced
So say you've no taste. Yo lyrics a waste
Goin after a rapper, better just stop the chase
Ima slapper bullcrapper, I'm about to go slap ya
Open up the next chapter, did you snap awake?
Activate? Goin back to navigate but hesitate
And agitate, you better wait, before I gat away
The last embrace, like a nasty haste
Now back away before my attack's in play!
war child
Reply Tue 4 Jun, 2013 12:38 am
You should've been smarter when you sent me a private message claimin that you're a stater
because, i'm the main course, i hit you with the same force as a astroid crashing in a speeding train moving straight forward
we're not on your level ?
Be sure we ain't cause you're at sea level, i mean on the sand at the sea shore
452 posts, and you're still coming up like a knee short
glitch has done enough to keep you off this street whore,
i'm just keeping you from doing a detour.
You were here before me, but on skill scale you're after me
whatever you yap, is blasphemy
whatever you rap, it's not a rap, it's an embarassing catastophy
you're babbling about establishing yourself as a battle rapper, while you suck ass at batteling
so you can take a javelin up your anus, you mad cause you're a bitch with rabies,
so basically you're one of them sick ladies, this verse fucked you bad enough for you to have six babies
i spit gravy along with this raw beef, just from above the point where my balls meet.
Reply Tue 4 Jun, 2013 02:11 pm
ok,im not a rookie,
ok you want a cookie?
Bitch,dont get me started,your faker then that bitch in jersey shore,
bitch your my slave,have you flipping and fetching like rover
BLOW MY NOSE?you did it cuz your my chofer
but no sir,when i come you best believe its over
knock you in the head hard,you sayin"wheres my soder"(soda)
ill throw this pest aside with my pestacide,its called GLITCH,a local genacide
my lyrics are no waste?BItch you better hide before i come outside and beat ya head inside,
mixed personalities so now you the new jackel and hyde
like i said before your a error,another GLITCH
running home with terror cuz your a LITTLE BITCH
Reply Tue 4 Jun, 2013 08:50 pm
Really? Rookie and cookie? Glitch and bitch? Not original at all -_-

I know something smells, near ya I can tell
Like bodies rotting hell, at least you know to spell
Cause I'm on the top shelf, right next to "go **** yourself"
It's a classic, ever read it? I sped it on reddit
Then fled it no credit, my javelin
Is rattlin, but mad ill kids
Still battlin, I won at your first word
The second, third, I musta heard
Anotha bird tell me, you're a felony
To the industry still hindering
It's bitter-ly simmering
Shimmering, get yer keys
We're leaving as lights' flickering
We live or die, let 'er ride
I will survive, semper fi
Senders write, off their lives
I'm a leapard knife with nothing to hide
I'm runnin inside the hallway
Always, all day, I'll maul ya
Lol ha! Wanna laugh? Nalgas!
Translate, damn straight
Never say I don't play,
Play em like checkers
I never get better
Than the record-setter
So my temper doesn't semper
I'm a competitor
Federer, never hurt with better words
Better watch your temperature
Quit telling us in Celsius!
You're pelting us with smelly nuts
Stupid squirrel you're melting up!
It's over one fifty degrees
Now you're here, shifting your knees
You look at us, giving your pleas
While our rap skills still'll increase
And and you just read that once
I said "and" twice, but you just got stumped
I confused you, I amuse you
My music is the new you
You're no longer in control
While I fold up the null
The coal burns whole
And the unholy get their toll
They lose their role
They get pulled out of the flame
We question their game
Your right there with em
Don't try switchin your name
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Reply Wed 5 Jun, 2013 01:23 pm
@war child,
ill storm ya dorm in like a swarm of bees in the morning
your foreign,so i grab ya horn and without warning,swing ya tree from tree and leave ya mourning
your names a crime,its fine but your gettin annoyin on the grapevine
i cant be whack and "and not on your level" cuz you both are battlin me AT THE SAME DAMN TIME
hocus pocus a stealer of jokes is here before us,BLASPHEMY?
you really are the joke stealer cuz that bar took a laugh from me
just stop tryin cuz it aint happenin,when you speak your straight hazard-in
doin a detour,your a really funny joker cuz ya makin me LAUGH AGAIN

Reply Wed 5 Jun, 2013 05:05 pm
Actually he isn't battling you. And you can't say that since you started **** with BOTH OF US
Reply Fri 7 Jun, 2013 07:08 pm
Bitch i dont give a ****,ill come at you and ya momma
niggah ill leave ya block shot up,ill stack up them murders
ruin ya future,ill have yo ass flippin burgers
this kid sucks have you store nuts,callin you a chipmunk
ill fist pump this
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Reply Tue 11 Jun, 2013 04:01 pm
yo imm down for a rap battle anyone out there wanna get killed XD
war child
Reply Wed 12 Jun, 2013 02:51 pm
then go ahead
Reply Wed 12 Jun, 2013 03:38 pm
@war child,
you are just a dang whores child
so ill kill this thang war style
man i will leave you out RANKED
yo in this SKIRMISH you TANKED
you could fit a NAVAL BASE
inside of your navel place
imma big FAT BOY drop BOMBS
darknova EXPLODES on your moms
ill air raid
ya air space
and erase
your damn race
and in-crase (increase)
ma fan BASE
Yo i say **** papa doc
and go and **** mama's clock
i aint eva doin time
but im persuein crime
ill dress up like a butler
to serve you jews like hitler
to serve ya juice like tupac
any minute my ****'ll drop
wish you dead
bitch you dread
the women
you inbread
spoonin men
dumb dick head
so i guess you got riches on the brain
you wont know the pain of real gain
bitch ill fight you any day
this little child wants to play
lets see what you got to say

war child
Reply Thu 13 Jun, 2013 10:33 am
From the way you talk, we could tell that you're just that mad dyke
who can't grab mics,
you only tend to act like,
you're the rap christ,
untill i come and crusify you ass twice
you're acting so big, and you ain't even worth a price tag on a rice bag.
i sever your structure, and leave a rupture next
to your rectum,
all your lines, i wrecked them,darknova, you drop **** i could easily fart over,
you're a whack writer you call me little but i can get your ass-tounded, then i'll be like: "go to your room son, you're grounded "
i did this **** like whatever i'll give an important motive to this rodent, which i loaded an explosive and rolled it aroun a verse full of potent to float him after he sunk when i rose the totem after i tottaled his and every one of his peoples' scrotum.
This concept of conquerer i live by, may accidentally discharge and puncture a rib's eye off of a bull with wit amplified that's capable of leaving his flesh mangled and fried
Reply Thu 13 Jun, 2013 11:03 am
@war child,
i am a made dyke you see
no nigga can **** with me
three days past the crusafix
comeback and see you suck dicks
the same place i had left ya
and you know im right heffa
cow bout you shut the **** up
cuz this nova is pumped up
these lines you steal i wrote um
and then made you deep throat um
all the way to the scrotum
i work at a burger king
so i know about flipping
so you may accidently
dis charge like pre maturely
this **** does cum easily
my flesh mangled and is fried
thats our combo at bk for 5
war child
Reply Thu 13 Jun, 2013 05:00 pm
you came back, to polish the turds
you raped earlier cause your game's whack,
still calling yourself a dyke ?
I'll give you a snatch wipe, after i turn the skin over your pelvis's like
the color of a velvet mite
i know you ain't black, so stop that ' nigga ' **** before a real nigga grabs your ass and tear every single bit of it
get off my dick this ain't a chat room
you send one more verse then i'll have to stuff your yappy ass with a vaccum
Reply Thu 13 Jun, 2013 10:14 pm
@war child,
what do you mean polish turds prick
i will never clean up my ****
new nick name when you are spitten
lassie, you never stop bitchin
like weed youll get smoked on my street
you could be rocky ive never seen any one beat so much meat
holding wood is the only time
that you have seen mite quite like mine
Reply Mon 17 Jun, 2013 04:59 pm
anyone else down to get raped?
war child
Reply Tue 18 Jun, 2013 05:13 pm
It's bragadocious, loaded with erosive forms of motive to expose that you claim are real, you're are nothing but a poser.
I've enforced my thoughts with ferocious endorsments, that made your type of precautions my kind of indulgence .
Virtually I'm like Hercules, I serve your needs with these bars that'll curve your knees, and the one asking about mercy, is getting burn degrees unheard of before, when murked with mercury.
I'v been improving since you heard of me, escalating vertically
levitating to the the point where no one has ever reached verbally
Still there are faults in my way of game delivery, and you can all claim the exact same with your lame bickerin' i'll stay a psycho deliverin' nitroglycerin, sticking in my business, is why your spinal's shivering
and darknova, you better not start all over cause i got my darkest rivals glitering
Reply Wed 19 Jun, 2013 12:11 am
@war child,
hit you with a 2 by 4
so that you can tell im bored/Board
with all of the damn rap ****
i might decide to cap it
like some pop bottles or flags
man i pop hollows im fags
in fact homo you are next
intact slow flow man you bet
man if you are hercules
than i am nessus indeed
yeah sure you can go kill me
but your in full agony
cant wait for this dude to die
oh he commits suicide
wearing my blood stained tunic
faggot if i gave you a fork in the shape of a gay guy youd spoon it
and consume ****
all the enhanced vocab cant hide the fact your lines dont mean ****
so comeback when youve grown up and finally learned to spit
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Reply Wed 19 Jun, 2013 02:28 am
https://soundcloud.com/milkboxkids/i-pray-hip-hop check it
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Reply Fri 21 Jun, 2013 12:41 am
anyone else wanna battle
Reply Fri 21 Jun, 2013 10:04 am
me....XD...hope ya remember me
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