rap battle for newbies

war child
Reply Wed 7 Nov, 2012 10:25 am
what you're laughing for faggot ?
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war child
Reply Thu 8 Nov, 2012 02:53 am
zojones, i'll get you as high as the ozone,
you ain't a snake, you just a worm with no bone
no remorse, when i spit bars i won't be needin no chorus,
and when i'm done with this **** you won't be no more, alive cause i swept the place so hard with you you can't see the floor no more
adios get lost whore
Reply Thu 8 Nov, 2012 08:00 am
@war child,
Nice bars dude.. Yow!!!.
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war child
Reply Fri 9 Nov, 2012 10:09 am
keep posting people
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war child
Reply Sun 11 Nov, 2012 05:09 pm
come on guys !
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Reply Mon 12 Nov, 2012 10:59 pm
@war child,
these two dudes
ill have them running around nude
when they realise im a girl who can rap better than both of you
sitting here thinking these guys are whack
surely you both can do better than that
ive got the illest rhymes ever and i dont need to swear
im a milllion times better than both of you queers
if this was real rap battle id beat you to a pulp
make sure youve got a good hiding place to sulk
now im gunna finishthis before you get too sad
just admit it yourself those lyrics were bad
youve just witnessed history
a lady beat a lad
probably should of listened to me
but im just glad
u guys made this easy
but dont think youll beat me Very Happy
war child
Reply Wed 14 Nov, 2012 09:15 am
this girl wants me to run naked; no chance
she's too shy to ask for whats under my my pants
we'll kick it any style, you can stroke me with both hands,
i'll eat you from down up, and make the hair on the back of your neck stand
but no way any of this happenin when,
you keep acting like men,
stop playing an artist you will never win
you should take care of your nail polish,
your nails are pale, and so's your self praise,
because you write and i demolish your verse, and throw it back in your face
no offense bitch, but you don't belong
cause what you lack is the taste in life, i'll turn you on
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Reply Wed 14 Nov, 2012 10:01 am

I wake up gasping, not laughing, tears stained my face, feels like a Gatling, went chakaka, and a shot-a-shot-a me like a Grenada see, in my mama, please, not anatha siege on me! They kick me while I'm down, I'd stand my ground, but standin's next to impossible right now, wait, impossible left, swing my fist to the left, ****, I started a battle, I can only doggy paddle when it comes to fight, I might skiddadle, but no im a snake, I've got my rattle, striking cattle I don't need a saddle, I'll ride away after I win the battle! That's my whole life story, of depression an glory, it's quite gory unless you're ignoring internal battles with poor-me, then I realize other people face harsher, catch a bullet from the Marshall, the heammorage is partial, yet I evade away from existence for instince death always seems instant until you reenlisted an the bullet's ass/ you kissed it, then get your wrists slit, an if no one gets this, then I'm still alive an I attempt to thrive to survive in my 0 degree self, self help, go fuckin help yoself

Where's my fuckin soldier when I need it, this is deep ****, here's a glock, please keep it, like a flock of geese with, my own ideas in pieces, they fly away! Hey! I need this! Come back, I'll give you a Reece's!?
Forget it I'll restart, I'm still an untoasted poptart, an empty unused shop cart, an now you've gotta fart, oops shart, thou shalt never part? Throw that away, I need better lyrics I say! This begins an ends today! Even eminem will say, that all of them can mold like clay. Including me

Where's my soldier? I need you!
I see you!
I plead you!
My greed's a fluke
But my creed's true!
Don't want it to be, do you?
Well then peace dude.

This is not a feat, I can be beat, I ain't Leeds or a pet store sellin treats, and parakeets, I'm Wrathe, my rap flights never delay, and are never one way. I've rap battled with greats, was settin out baits, for rappers who hates, well how you Like my .28? Bang bang, start the race at the gates, my race, rap race, my face, untied, shoelace, fall side, too late, I died, disgrace... Some would say lol,
Or lmao, I'll eat you with mayo, so shut up you gayo, hey whoa, what a payload, don't make me equal weight with a pavelow! Next page below, next one Wrathe wrote, another way to tow, with eight toes and eight toads, all over your co. Ha, you fucked with Wrathe so what didn't you know?

I found my soldier inside me
Gave back all the depression that I was hiding
Another ghost sighting
Was really me fighting
To do my own thing
And keep writing
With force of two suns colliding
And my side affects, subsiding
Tanks arriving
Yet these are just words in a song that I'm tryin

Lolfucked you guys Smile
I made that this morning to use at my DISposal (see what I did there?)
Next one I'll make on the spot (which I did with this one)
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war child
Reply Wed 14 Nov, 2012 10:27 am
that's good, keep working guys
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Reply Wed 14 Nov, 2012 10:58 am
You and I have a lot in common, war child
We both:
A.) know people in "the fam"
B.) started amateur rap battle topics
C.) are good rappers with great taste

So? I am amongst the neverending rap battle fam and I invite you. I will make frequent visits to your topic, and frequents to the fam. Have a good Wednesday. Smile
war child
Reply Wed 14 Nov, 2012 12:02 pm
yeah, you can spit anytime, invite your friends too !
Reply Wed 14 Nov, 2012 06:00 pm
@war child,
Lol, whitey? Prof? Nova? They'll invade this topic and **** all over it. The last thing they'll want to do is come here, unfortunately. I would ask them but they have been... Busy. I'll invite a couple but I'm almost sure they won't come. I mean, this topic seems slow, my amateur rap topic has 0 replies that aren't mine. I made it just my "track topic" where I write raps when I'm bored. I've been thinking of making an album out of it. OMG! YOU COULD FEAT. IN SOME OF MY TRACKS! Just post ideas here and I'll see them! Great idea... Thanks. Smile
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Reply Wed 14 Nov, 2012 10:14 pm
@war child,
I just realized that made no sense whatsoever.
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Reply Thu 15 Nov, 2012 06:28 pm
It's no fun when no one responds Sad
war child
Reply Fri 16 Nov, 2012 01:25 pm
Reply Fri 16 Nov, 2012 09:45 pm
@war child,
Wanna rap battle? Anyone?
war child
Reply Sat 17 Nov, 2012 02:10 am
you're face down on the ground
i'm over you with a blody quilt,
i'm body built,
leave your tummy knuckle filled
i'm ill, and wrathe will never win a race untill i give up and both my hands are raised
i'll kick your pelvic in so hard, i swear to God you'll look like a pelican
i'll be taking a crap on this american fag, and wipe my ass with the white stips of the american flag
and color the stars with piss, and i'll be doing this with elegance
ya'll hope one day you'll be this mighty, cause your friendship with this gay wrathe, has proved that how bisexual are : nova, prof, and whitey. Hold on....bite me
Reply Sat 17 Nov, 2012 10:27 am
@war child,
Haha, disrespect the flag? Callin the better rapper a pissin fag?
What a drag, may I ask how may gf's you had? Other than your dad, who currently lives in north Baghdad, all you've had is herpes, dear god more sad,
Than a little war child who really wants krabs, but doesn't know what it is, yo fit is gettin shitless, I don't kid this, you did this, now I rid his lidless fitness routine with a missile from a submarine, covering everything in a blood red sheen, the dead steams, cause war child had seemed, to cause the being, to be singing, of blood and death pleading, with life leading, an war child conceding, bottom feeding, last thing they're seeing is his army retreating...

And wrathe's army fleet bring
The warrior's bleeding

So remind me of how I'm a faggot, or a bisextual, I'm my intellectual, I led the full, army of debt he pulled, you fled the whole, you were too sensual and homosexual, you lost verginity to rape and synergy to Wrathe and your clergy of apes, and sex tapes!

Your turn Wink
war child
Reply Sun 18 Nov, 2012 02:41 am
I eat you along with your sub marine,
no carb,
i storm the scene, scoring more chicks than that player; joe hart
half-human, running on pacemakers, no heart
and my brain's out of this planet
it's job to detects faggots with unapropriate manners, give them stop signs and banners
and all the censors went bananas when you popped out with a bandana on your head, claiming you're the man and, launching war heads
having a little band for war,
i bend you whores
ban all the reasons you unborns,
keep braging on this child of war for
Reply Sun 18 Nov, 2012 11:03 am
@war child,
Say you're missing your heart? That's not all that you're missin
You're missin dignity, better fuckin listen
Your blood glistens
As you eat fuckin submarines
I activate the nukie things
Leads to erosion
Your end of eternity
Becoming freturnity
Yet I keep murdering
The words I keep
I heard you sleep
To my musically
Genius fusing these
Raps into my godly
Rap, you're meddling
With Wrathe
You should stop this today
Before you lose your face
It's your impending fate
It's too late
To state
That you wanna be saved
I'm not Jesus but I'm close enough
Get tough
You need to toughen up
For the big
Rap battle
Grab yo saddle
And your ilatl
Higher reach
Your boat has beached
Only to find 31 pounds of c4 underneath
So watch every corner
Watch every mourner
It might be me
Your a bore, sir
You never do nothin
Well I'll end this discussion
Behind me percussion
You've got detention
No prevention
Well that's Wrathe, fool, so pay attention!

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