Should the State give him a break?

Reply Mon 21 May, 2012 06:24 pm
Unfortunately we don't get to choose our parents. The kids aren't asking for help. Most likely they are able to receive help or have a parent who can care for them. He's asking for help. Sorry bud, your responsibility.


The 33-year-old Knoxville, Tenn., resident has reportedly set a Knox County record for his ability to reproduce. He has 30 children with 11 women. And nine of those children were born in the last three years
Reply Mon 21 May, 2012 06:42 pm
If the state will break the proper body part, then yes!
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Reply Mon 21 May, 2012 06:49 pm

he makes me proud to be celibate...
Reply Mon 21 May, 2012 06:55 pm
This is one of the most irresponsible stories I have ever read.

Some enterprising producer may be making a deal with him as I type. Just when I think reality TV couldn’t get more tasteless, it does! The good news about a deal is that he could pay more child support for those children.
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Reply Wed 23 May, 2012 06:02 am
Perhaps the state could offer him a free vasectomy?

The kids aren't asking for help. Most likely they are able to receive help or have a parent who can care for them.

Some of them would be rather young to be asking for help, wouldn't they?
$1.49 a month per child is hardly adequate support.
What if their mothers aren't in a position to properly support these children either?
It seems harsh that these kids might have to live in poverty because of their parents' irresponsibility.
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Reply Wed 23 May, 2012 06:19 am
I once knew a guy who had upwards of fifty kids and all 50+ turned out well and happy and the guy never seemed to lack for money, the kids were always doing things for him.
Reply Wed 23 May, 2012 10:16 am
this bonehead doesn't seem to be the responsible type though.

I think the state should force him to work (maybe keeping the State house and grounds clean and maintained) and then in turn, the state provides money for the support of his children. With the amount of work he would need to do to pay for all these children - he wouldn't have any extra time to produce more.
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Reply Wed 23 May, 2012 10:22 am
Don't blame it all on the bonehead, these women are idiots too. Poor kids, doomed from day one.
Reply Wed 23 May, 2012 10:47 am
true - the women have to be dumb a$$es too. Scary thing is they are responsible for children.
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reasoning logic
Reply Sun 17 Jun, 2012 11:25 am
He may never be lonely in his old age, can you image how many grandchildren he will have if his children are half the breeder that he is?
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Reply Sun 17 Jun, 2012 01:22 pm
Actually, this guy isn't asking for child support help. He's not supporting his children at all because he's in prison. And he has only 24 children, not 30.
'Octodad' update: Officially, he has only 24 kids, not 30
By Rene Lynch
June 1, 2012

A Tennessee judge is taking the Los Angeles Times and other news outlets to task for publishing reports last month that said a Knoxville man had 30 children and was struggling to make child support payments for all of them.

Turns out 32-year-old Desmond Hatchett -- who has been dubbed "Octodad" in the media -- owes child support only for 24 children.

"What he is officially, legally responsible for is 24 children," Knox County Juvenile Court child support magistrate Stan Briggs told The Times on Friday. "The 30 figure is apparently something [Hatchett] may have said in a TV interview a few years ago. ... Twenty-four kids is the legally established number we have here."

Earlier in the week, the judge admonished The Times for picking up on this report and video posted by Memphis, Tenn., television station WREG. The report was in turn picked up by other media outlets, and then it went viral.

Journalists from as far away as Europe have been trying to line up interviews with Hatchett. A local radio station offered to pay for a vasectomy, according to the Knoxville News Sentinel.

The WREG story said that Hatchett was trying to catch a break on his monthly child support payments, some of which were as little as $1.49 because Hatchett wasn't making much money.

Briggs said none of that is true -- and that Hatchett hasn't made a court appearance on his child support cases since 2009. That's because he's been in prison on an aggravated assault charge.

"I think they spelled Desmond's name right," Briggs quipped about the media coverage in an interview with the Knoxville paper. "That was it. Basically everything in the (Times and WREG) story was incorrect."

Moreover, Briggs told The Times on Friday that the media had no business writing about Hatchett in the first place. "He doesn't need to be getting publicity for this kind of conduct. We’ve got 24 children that don’t have the benefit of child support. It’s really a tragedy, pure and simple," Briggs said.

So how did this 24-30 discrepancy happen? Efforts to reach WREG were unsuccessful Friday. If that changes, we will update this post.
Briggs said he believed an earlier report about Hatchett's number of children was somehow recycled and updated.

We have also corrected our two earlier stories on Hatchett

Tennessee Department of Correction records, easily available online, show Hatchett, whose criminal history dates to age 18, continues to serve a prison sentence for aggravated assault at the Morgan County Correctional Complex in Wartburg.

He's been there since 2009, when former Knox County Criminal Court Judge Richard Baumgartner revoked Hatchett's probation.

Hatchett lost his last bid for parole in 2010, and his sentence won't expire until November 2014.

Well, at least, being in prison is keeping him from procreating--for a few years.

This story shows how inaccurate reporting can spread and become viral very quickly--the initial facts were wrong and too many news outlets pounced on them and repeated them. Even in a number of current "Father's Day" stories, some media outlets are still reporting the original incorrect info about this man.

Obviously, this guy isn't a responsible individual, apart from fathering children he cannot support, he also appears to have a lengthy criminal history.

Who knows how his 24 children are being supported? Info on that doesn't seem to be available. One does have to wonder about the women who would allow themselves to become pregnant by this sort of irresponsible man, and wonder about whether they are able to support the children they allowed him to father.

Even if this man were not currently in prison, there is no way he can support 24 children, so there isn't even much of an issue of whether the state can give him "a break" on child support payments. Yes, they can insist he fork over something for the support of these children, but these children will still need to rely on their mothers and/or the state for most of their maintenance. Unless this man wins the lottery, he won't make much of a positive financial difference in the lives of his children no matter what. He's not a parent, he's a sperm donor.

Octomom is a similar case. Her choice to have 14 children she knew she cannot support, as a single mom, was equally irresponsible from a financial viewpoint. But Octomom is raising her children, she is fulfiling the role of a mother in her children's lives.

While I personally think that Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar are crazy to have 19 children, at least they are able to support and care for those children.

But deadbeat "dads" like Desmond Hatchett are just a lost cause--nothing's going to turn him into a responsible parent, it's too late for that. Unfortunately, there are probably a lot of men just like him. And it's their children who will wind up suffering. That's the very sad part.

Reply Tue 19 Jun, 2012 03:51 pm
Well I figure - once you go past 20 kids - quite honestly what is the big difference between 24 and 30 really - just rounding up.

And with his record - could be even greater than 24 or 30 - I mean he has 24 that he knows about, I can only imagine how many he doesn't know about.
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