Networking Homework: set up office

Reply Tue 10 Apr, 2012 09:33 pm
I have this project for high school and I'm pretty stuck, does anyone know how to do this stuff....Here's the question:

Mr. Banks is moving to a new office complex. Mr. Banks wants you to set up an internet presence. Each Desktop should have access to the internet. He does not want to hire a full time IT consultant so he wishes to find a company to host his website as well as email address for the business. He wants to replace all the inkjet printers with one network laser printer. He also wants you to set up wireless service to the clients in the waiting room with a separate subnet/server to keep his office files secure. The only equipment that can be brought from his old office is the computers which are stand-alone PC’s.
Use the supplied floor plan to set all this up and determine how much wiring will be involved and determine the costs to wire the new business for telephone and network (one drop per desk per device) Use cat5 cabling. You cannot exceed the standard length when using the cat5 cabling(100 meters/little more then 300 feet) The wiring closet is to be housed the closet in the exam room beside the private kitchen. Don’t forget to identify all the drops and list the links you got your cost information from. Do not change the drawing.

Here is the floor plan: http://www.flickr.com/photos/justbobby2012/7066489941/

You don't have to help so don't be rude, I'm just stuck, have nobody else to ask and need some help. Thanks
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Reply Tue 10 Apr, 2012 09:40 pm
Consider the use of hubs and routers. Then consider the most efficient and economical network geometrics that will work for the office layout.

This Wikipedia article on network topology will help you:


If you need further help, check out the various tutorials on network design on this site:

Reply Tue 10 Apr, 2012 11:08 pm
I suggest that you make a list of requirements, and then research and price each requirement.

1) Internet access
2) Website and E-mail hosting
3) Network laser printer


Break it up into pieces that you can tackle individually.

Be careful when counting your network drops that you include drops for the printer and wireless access point.

If you post your solution here, I'd be happy to review it and offer suggestions.
Reply Wed 11 Apr, 2012 11:30 am
Thankyou very much for your help. I would love for you to review it for me and see if I am missing anything. (Keep in mind I havn't listed the costs or prices yet I will add that before handing it in)

Well, here it is:

The server switch may eventually support a group of file servers and should therefore have at least eight Gigabit Ethernet ports. The switches should have 10/100 ports at a minimum and Gigabit if affordable, they should be 16-port switches to allow reasonable growth. We will use a Gigabit switch for our core switch that in turn connects to a router so that Gigabit Ethernet capabilities can access the file server. You would need two lengths of Cat5 cable (find out exactly how much) per room and the wiring must be centrally located. (find out where ports and switches will go) The router, the switches and the firewalls will be mounted in a single rack in the closet. The Firewall supplied with the router coupled with the services provided by the ISP and AV software should work well enough to keep both servers secure. Internet Access should be DSL since it’s a small business and we will set all of this up for the employee’s on their stand alone PC’s in each office or room. Their Email accounts will be supplied by the ISP. The DSL in the waiting room will be on a separate subnet/server to keep files secure. The office server will require accounts and passwords. The Laser Printer will be in the hallway off to the side depending on how wide the hallway is and run to the switch from there. All Wiring will run under the ceiling and down the walls and out to each port needed. The cables to the PC’s will run under the carpeting (or held down by ____’s to the floor) then to the desks and then up the desk legs held in place with plastic cable ties. There is a drop where each pc is and the laser printer as well as in the waiting room. 12 drops all together.
Reply Wed 11 Apr, 2012 12:28 pm
thanks, do you think i'm missing anything? ^
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Reply Wed 11 Apr, 2012 08:07 pm
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Reply Wed 11 Apr, 2012 10:44 pm
You've made a good start.

First, I think you have a lot more research to do, since the original question asks about pricing and where you found your prices.

Second, you need to be a lot more precise about exactly what you're proposing.

x routers
x network switches in such-and-such configuration
x feet of cable
x cable ends
x patch cables
x wall plates
x file servers (including operating system)
x wireless access points

Do you want a rack on which to mount everything?

They specify that all network equipment needs to be in the closet, so you should check the length of your longest cable run to make sure it's less than 100 meters.

I also question whether you need two Internet connections. A wireless access point (or wireless router in bridge mode) could connect to a port on your router, so that all traffic is kept separate.
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